Writing a Letter to Eleanor Roosevelt

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt
I am thrilled to always listen to your powerful words and speeches on the radio, and I am glad to say that you have been an inspiration and a beacon of hope to my people. I am writing this letter in regards to an issue that is affecting all African Americans in this country despite the hard work and effort they put into building this nation. My people are terrified because of the lynching laws that run in the land and that have led to the untimely death of our fathers, mothers, and children. We are troubled that we have no one to look up to but believe that as the first lady, you can help our people out.

We admire the courage that you have and believe that you could help us by taking our concern to your husband, the president of the nation. African Americans are tired of living in fear in the country they are supposed to live as free men and women. We work hard and fight hard for this country, yet our people are still hanged or shot every day to prove the superiority of the white man. The law of the land governs every citizen and our people should not be treated any less. It is immoral when hundreds of people turn up all dressed to watch one of our people brutally murdered going against the law and teachings of the church. I am writing to kindly request you to take any action against lynching. Help push the anti-lynching laws and reduce the tension between the races in the nation. America can only become great if we work together as one each human being dignified and their rights respected.
I genuinely hope and pray that you get the strength to help the African American people gain their rights as American citizens. I also hope that you can convince the president to adopt anti-lynching laws in the country and save the lives of thousands of African Americans.
Lynching was the most gruesome treatment that African Americans faced in the hands of unruly white supremacists in the late 19th century and early 20th century.  Between 1882 and 1968, over 3500 blacks were murdered gruesomely by white mobs (Cook, Logan & Parman, 2018). The African Americans cry for help and abolishment of the lynching law turned on deaf ears as most politicians that supported the law were very powerful. Eleanor Roosevelt played an important role in installing the anti-lynching law in the country. She is a crucial part of African American life. The issue kept African Americans in fear. It is the reason I choose to discuss it in the letter.

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