What should a high-quality healthcare delivery system look like?

The Institute of Medicine defines health care quality as the degree to which the healthcare services offered to the public create a high probability of improving the populations’ health. High-quality healthcare delivery has the following characteristics. The first is efficiency which is created through the quality of the processes in the delivery of care. Efficient systems enhance the utilization of resources and ensure that each task is performed to its level best. Quality care delivery has to be safe, accessible, timely, equitable, and patient-centred. This ensures that the services delivered create satisfaction and value to the patients and that they play a role in quick recovery from illnesses. The healthcare delivery system must also provide affordable quality of care which goes hand in hand with equitable care.

The United States healthcare delivery system does not meet all the standards of quality delivery healthcare systems. Various elements reflect a lower quality system in the country. The first is the lack of equitability in care within the country. Healthcare disparities characterize healthcare delivery systems in the United States. There is the disparity in terms of income race and community. Some communities do not have access to healthcare due to their financial conditions and status. That makes the healthcare delivery of lower quality. The cost of care in the country is also the highest compared to other developed nations in the world.

The country, however, has some elements that meet the standards and reflect a high-quality delivery system. The USA has one of the safest healthcare delivery system. The healthcare industry is strictly governed by laws and regulations that make sure that all practitioners work in accordance with their qualification. That prevents risks to patients and also improves the quality of care the patient receives.  The country also has created accessibility of care to many individuals through their Affordable Care Act and programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Such public insurance policies ensure that the population has access to the needed care and that they are catered for by professionals who are qualified. The healthcare reform in the country has also changed the reimbursement model in the country to a value-based system. It has enhanced the quality of care in the healthcare delivery system.

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