What Property Plant and Equipment categories do they have and what are the dollar amounts for each category?

Identify and research a US public company in your pathway that has Property, Plant and Equipment. . It should be on the Fortune 500 list.  Don’t use a company that someone has already used. Please put the company’s name as the subject of your post. Access their recent (less than 12 months) annual 10-K report for the company at the EDGAR filings at SEC Edgar search tool or Yahoo or Google finance.  Include the URL of the report in your initial post.



Initial post:

  • Review the report and in a minimum of 3 paragraphs, tell us the following:
  • The name of the company and your pathway
  • When was the report filed and the time period it covers, indicating specific dates, not just 2020?
  • What are the company’s major product lines?
  • What Property, Plant, and Equipment categories do they have and what are the dollar amounts for each category?  If the numbers are in millions, state that.
  • What methods of depreciation do they use for those categories?  Hint:  See the notes to the financial statements.
  • What did you find interesting about they types of Property, Plant, and Equipment they have and the depreciation methods they have chosen?

Examples of businesses in pathways could be:

  • AHCD: Dance, Theater, Film production, Social media, Graphics design or architecture business
  • Business:  Accounting office, caterer, advertising firm, dry cleaner, restaurant, any business is acceptable
  • Education:  K-12 tutoring, Child care, Charter schools
  • Health Sciences:  Dr. or Dentist office, PT office, Hospital, Insurance co,
  • IMCT:  Engineering Co., Aviation maintenance, Aviation distribution, Supply Chain Management, Auto manufacturing
  • Public Safety:  Law office, PI, Equipment providers for the industry
  • STEM:  Engineering Co., Vet. Office, Computer Services co.
  • SGSHS:  Psychology office, Non-profit agencies, Social Media, Hospitals, Drug manufactures

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