What is population health

Kindig, D., & Stoddart, G. (2003). What is population health?. American journal of public health, 93(3), 380-383.

What is population health?

Study Questions:

  1. Is population health a concept of health?
  2. Is population health a field of study of health determinants?

Studies show that a precise definition of “Population Health” has not yet been determined. Over the years, many approaches have been taken to come up with this definition. The major contributors to this were Evans, Barer, and Marmor, in their article titles, why are some people healthy and others not? The determinants of health of populations. The definition has evolved over the years. There is an increased use of the term but a proper meaning is yet to be coined and this presents a threat of rendering the term confusing.

These articles propose population health to be defined as the health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of such outcomes. Several factors were taken into consideration before the authors arrived at this definition. First was to determine what a population is. It was defined using geographical regions such as nations or communities or using other groups such as disabled persons and employees. The determinants of health on part of the population were also taken into consideration. Resource allocation issues that impact the determinants of health were also considered when coming up with this definition.

This definition has critiques with one being on the broadness of the definition making t not useful as a guide for research or policy formulation. However, its presence will wade off confusion from the term as compared to other terms such as community health which are confusing.

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