What is an appreciative interview?

Based upon the following articles, available in the CTU Library, and your reading, address this Unit’s discussion:

Go to the CTU library (LIBRARY), and open the ABI Inform database. Find and review the following articles:

  • Faure, M. (2006). Problem solving was never this easy: Transformational change through appreciative inquiry. Performance Improvement45(9), 22–31, 48. ABI Inform

Address the following items in 500-600 words:

  • What is an appreciative interview?
  • What are the purposes and benefits of appreciative interviews?
  • How can you incorporate an appreciative approach in your action research without specifically using the 4D process (e.g., the focus is on engaging the philosophy of appreciative inquiry)? Why is this important? Or why isn’t it?

In addition to addressing all elements of the assignment, a model answer emphasizes the following:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the theory of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) (Slide #13 / Live Chat #8 recorded on 4/18)
  • Translate your understanding of AI into a practical approach to change.
  • 4D Model vs. 4I Model

Additional Resources:

  • Live chat #8 (slides are attached)

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