What does living an ethical life mean to you?

To live an ethical life means living with a considerate feeling for people and the environment around them. In all decisions that one makes, they must consider the consequences to them and other people and the general surrounding. Ethical life consists of making morally right decisions that uphold human dignity by helping each man affected to become better.

Every day is packed with its ethical dilemma. However, the most common that leaves me bewildered is ascertaining whether he beggars in the streets are genuinely begging or using that to amass wealth. I once encountered a blind beggar in the streets who played the guitar so perfectly that one could doubt his blindness. It wasn’t easy to ascertain the man’s real needs and make an ethical decision without raising further concerns (Moen, 2014). One problem that disturbs me is whether my giving contributes to their habits. Could it be the more I give, the longer they stay in the streets begging? At this point, I am left with two choices: to either mind my business or ignore the myriads of questions and help the needy.

One thing that has helped me make an ethical decision is the need to uphold human dignity. I believe it is wrong to ‘avert your eyes’ to ignore the beggar as though he were a yapping dog. I consider beggars human beings who whatsoever the circumstance requires social assistance. As a result, I looked at the blind man hoping that he does not see me and say to him, ‘sorry mate am with you.’ Ethics has taught me to acknowledge others’ needs and appreciate them as they are without raising many questions. Whether they lie or not, I believe my part is to help them come out of the pressing need. As Dolly Chugh implies in the video, we should strive to be better human beings by spotting our biases and acknowledges our mistakes in reason.

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