What are some future trends in public health?

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following questions:

  • What are some future trends in public health? Is the current health care system prepared for them?

RESPOND TO 2 classmate below: with 50-100 words

Response1: Kerri

Given that the need for additional resources was identified during the pandemic, I would think that the future trend will be research and reaction. Unfortunately I don’t know that we can ever truly be prepared completely for a public health disaster. What we have learned from this one is that we do need to protect resources and understand that when this type of situation is identified, we need to act sooner and with a larger sense of urgency.

Our population is aging, and as that happens, pandemics and public health threats will be more clearly identified and will result in needing those resources that we need to continue to support financially and through a workforce that has what they need to treat patients and maintain a level of control. Public Health needs to continue to be an excellent source for care, information and protection. Vaccines, medical equipment and tools we have been developing need to continue to be available. Now more than ever, public health is the lifeline for alot of communities. It is the best way to get information out to the community quickly and it provides a solid resource to use for questions, concerns or healthcare needs.

Response2: Yvette

There are many future trends but they are unpredicted because we are not for sure what will happen in the future as of yet. For example with this whole COVID-19 we didn’t predict that this virus was going to be here almost a year now. Many people said um the virus been here from so many years ago. I believe and still believe from last year to this year my opinion that everyone had it or had some type of symptom of the virus because they didn’t have no name for it at first. I was sick my self last year and I believe I had it back in November. For whatever the trends maybe I don’t believe we as the US will be prepared for it because nobody was prepared for COVID and people are still with out a job. Billions of people have died and billions of babies has been born from then and now and still is growing. This means more patients. this world will always grow no matter how many people pass away.

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