Week 7 Analysis paper-Adolescent Pregnancy

Just like we face problems as individuals, families, and a country in general, communities also go through some problems. Problems are a part of people’s lives; which I believe they help persons grow. Adolescent pregnancy has been spotted as one of the major problems affecting today’s community. People might perceive this to be a small issue, but I opt to object that it is somewhat alarming. It is mainly in the underprivileged and demoted communities (Nkhoma et al.,2020). The community needs to come together to help find a solution before the issue runs out of hand. This paper aims at discussing, adolescent pregnancy, discuss its impacts, post some questions relating to teenage pregnancies as well as dig into identifying some of the significant stakes associated with the effects brought about by teenage pregnancies.

Articulating a problem and its details: Leaders in the community, both religious and government-appointed, have raised this problem to be an issue, especially in recent days. They have realized that not acting to the issue might negatively impact the community and the country in general since these adolescents are the future generation. No community wants to take part in raising a rotten generation. Failure to act to this problem might lead to the development of unstable families. These teenage girls are not able to offer quality education to their kids and provide quality healthcare to their kids compared to kids born to mature parents. Another impact of adolescent pregnancies is that it leads to high infant mortality due to issues such as premature deliveries and lack of enough blood from the teenage mother (Marković, Bogdanović & Cerovac,2020). In addition to that, high teenage pregnancies can lead to a lack of economic stabilization in a community. The teenage may drop out of school, ending up being unemployed hence lowering the numbers contributing to economic growth but increasing the dependency rate. More so, teenage pregnancies negatively impact the mother as she is faced with emotional trauma, which she cannot escape and haunts her for the rest of her life. Emotional trauma may be associated with withdrawal from those around, such as friends and families hence affecting her social life. Substance abuse is also another impact on teenage pregnancies. It has often been reported that abuse of drugs is a way of relieving stress; therefore, the teenage mother may opt to abuse drugs. It is the only comfort she gets away from the problems she goes through, such as financial constraints, among other negative happenings. More so, teenage pregnancies may impact high suicidal rates due to lack of support primarily from the father, who is also responsible for taking care of the child; embarrassments may trigger the teenage mom to committing suicide. A problem affecting a community also affects the country in general. Teenage pregnancies may also negatively impact the country in terms of revenue. There is a loss of government revenue since the government has to set aside funds to support teenage mothers who cannot acquire jobs to help overcome financial constraints (Mann, Bateson & Black,2020).
Posting fruitful questions:
What are the major causes of teenage pregnancies in our communities?
What are the impacts of teenage pregnancies to the community?
What are the effects of being a teenage mother, and how does it impact a teenage mother’s life?
In the future, do we expect a decrease or an increase in teenage pregnancies in the community?
Are teenage pregnancies an issue in many communities or just the marginalized communities to be specific?
Could there be unknown factors that lead to teenage pregnancies considering the high rate of abortions in our communities? As I don’t see why a girl will recklessly get pregnant and opt to abort the kid, placing her life in danger as well as the kids.
How can adolescent pregnancy affect education?
What are some of the challenges a community faces in supporting teenage parents?
Which are some of the significant risks faced by teenage parents in the community?
Which are some of the ways that the community and the country, in general, can adopt to reduce teenage pregnancies?
How does it feel being a teenage mom?
Identifying what is at stake? The community has to realize that not acting to the issues pointed might lead to; Development of unstable families can result to nurturing an unstable generation as the teenage moms are not expected to offer quality help in terms of education to build a strong and stable working generation possessing quality knowledge and skills (Moisan, Baril, Muckle & Belanger,2016).High infant mortality leads to lower life expectancy in a society hence lowering the chances of developing a generation better from theirs. Lack of economic stabilization might lead to increased chances of crime rate such as theft, prostitution as people strive to earn a living. Emotional trauma can lead to the development of a devastating generation in the community, hindering social and emotional growth. Substance abuse may lead to a lot of harm to both the abuser and those around her. For a pregnant person, abuse of drugs can lead to loss of the baby, and a child might be born with a low weight. More so, there is a likelihood of a decrease in productivity as drugs affect the brain, which ends up being unproductive. High suicidal rates might lead to depression of the families of the victims, lack of parental care; hence the kids experience a lack of parental love and care, which is not suitable for the kids. Loss of government revenue may lead to an increase in taxes to individuals, dependency of a country, poor development in a country such as poor infrastructures (Wado, Sully & Mumah,2019). The issues at stake need to be looked into to avoid further damage to the communities.
In conclusion, adolescent pregnancy has appeared to be a rampant problem in the communities. It is now the high time that elders in society take action in educating teenagers regarding the problem to nurture a responsible generation.

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