Unit 7 Assignment for Advanced Informatics

Unit 7 Assignment for Advanced Informatics
Advanced Health Informatics (Purdue University Global)

Healthcare Database on Electronic Health Records
The utilization of a healthcare database is to gather and store patient’s health information
in a computer database that keeps track of patient’s conditions and private information like
demographics, medications, diagnoses, allergies, past case history, and other information that
makes a story about patients in today’s healthcare industry. This database within the healthcare
industry promotes cost-effectiveness and improves the standard of care within the organizations
and firms of healthcare providers ( Institute of drugs (US) Committee on Regional Health Data
Networks; Donaldson MS, Lohr KN, 1994).

The benefits of employing a healthcare database include assisting healthcare providers in
providing effective quality of care to patients and providing the proper information about patients
so they will address the patients’ condition. This allows healthcare professionals to serve their
patients with a high-quality standard of care. Medical records could also be accessible by
multiple people at an identical time, which reduces medical errors, makes transferring health
information easier, and improves patients’ satisfaction with how their health information is
handled. The disadvantages of employing a healthcare database system are that the knowledge
collected by healthcare providers might not be clear enough for users to input into the database,
leading to imprecise, inaccurate, or incomplete data entry, also as a delay within the data entry
process if the user isn’t properly trained in data collection. Furthermore, training staff employees,
establishing the new database, and maintaining the healthcare database system can all add up to a
major financial investment.
Healthcare database systems, within the realm of healthcare informatics, are closely
linked to enhancing patient care by providing healthcare providers with accurate health
information that permits them to deliver better treatment to their patients. The health database
system can even be employed by healthcare professionals to raised examine their workflow for
patient care and share information with other healthcare providers who are treating identical
patients. Another explanation is that in line with (Biedermann, S., and Dolezel,2017). “a field of
research concerned with the applying of technology to enhance information access and

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