The paper was well divided into various sections

The paper was well divided into various sections which shows that there was a high level of planning and organization. Each section was carefully thought of and researched. The student was also able to bring out the essential details of how and enterprise system operates and hence shows that the small details of this assignment were adhered to. The assignment had a strong introduction which captured the reader’s attention and provided an overview of what the research paper talked about.
However, in as much as a considerable effort was made into completing the assignment, the research paper had several weaknesses. There was a lot of repetition of facts that had already been stated in previous sections of the research paper, creating some redundancy. Despite having mentioned some of the key points, no explanations were provided. For example, the research paper talks about the protection of sensitive patient information but fails to mention why such patient data is sensitive (Greefhorst & Proper, 2011).
Some improvement is required in the research paper in certain areas. First, more information needs to be added in order to enhance the clarity of the reader. For example, if the reader was a first-time individual who wants to learn about enterprise systems, the research paper would prove to have insufficient data to form the basic knowledge foundation for the individual on the subject matter. There also needs to be the consistency of facts such as the proposed duration for the implementation of the enterprise system, which had been stated as ten months in the project scope section of the paper. However, the paper then states that the total estimated timeframe for successful project completion as 19-26 weeks. This shows some inconsistency in the facts provided. Therefore, this calls for confirming that all facts provided within the research paper are consistent with each other throughout the research paper.

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