The current healthcare issue affecting the United States

The current healthcare issue affecting the United States is the escalating costs of care. The United States is one of the countries with the highest healthcare cost compared to other developed countries. Increased costs of care affect not only the country in general but also members of the public, healthcare facilities, and healthcare providers (Marshall & Broome, 2017, pp.64-80). High healthcare costs impact the work setting of nurses. Higher healthcare costs result in inequality in healthcare accessibility, where only very few wealthy individuals may have access to quality care. It reduces the number of people seeking healthcare and thus affects healthcare providers. High healthcare costs lead to disease prevalence within the society as individuals have no funds to take care of otherwise preventable issues. The prevalence of disease leads to overload in healthcare facilities, increasing the workload of healthcare providers. The healthcare setting also has increase costs as it has to pay for insurance for its employees.
The healthcare reforms are one way through which healthcare costs can be reduced. My healthcare work setting has responded to increased costs by adopting the provisions of the healthcare reform. The work setting has invested in educating its employees to ensure they have the required knowledge to improve efficiency, quality, and safety of care offered (Palumbo et al. 2017). Educating nurses, for instance, reduce the chances of medical errors, which reduce associated costs. The healthcare facility has also adopted technology such as electronic medical records and patient monitoring devices, which help employees constantly, monitor patients. The work setting has also invested in employee disease and wellness programs. This improves employees’ physical and psychological wellness to ensure that they are capable of performing their duties, therefore enhancing efficiency (Mbitcha, 2018). The work setting has also put information infrastructure that strengthens the coordination of care within the facility. The systems are also used to identify fraudulent treatment cases or patient abuse and deal with them to reduce the costs that might be incurred by the patient and the work setting.

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