The blog article found on the Kaiser Health News website is crucial to the United States’ healthcare.

The blog article found on the Kaiser Health News website is crucial to the United States’ healthcare. The article talks about the impact that the coronavirus is having on the country and the role that the government is playing in the spread and fight against the pandemic.  The coronavirus is one of the greatest pandemics that the world has faced in the last century. The pandemic has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and has affected the lives of millions of people. The United States presidential elections that happened at the begging of the month have led to the issues’ escalation. The government should be focused on fighting the virus that is now in its second wave. The main issue discussed in the article is the prevention and control of the virus and what the government should be doing yet failing at doing the same. The coronavirus originated from Wuhan, China, in late 2019 and has ever since spread to every corner of the world.

The issue poses a health threat to the nation. The virus is deadly and leaves a trail of dead bodies and sickly individuals whenever it attacks. Various issues are associated with the onset of the virus, as described through the blog article. The first issue is the development of the drug that could be used as a vaccination against the virus. Many companies have tried to come up with a vaccine, but none is successful at the moment. However, there is hope that in the next few weeks, companies such as  Pfizer and Moderna have shown positive signs of coming up with a vaccine. The problem of distribution of the vaccine to the most vulnerable citizens, however, is still unsolved. Millions of doses will have to be distributed across the country to millions of civilians. The distribution method for such drugs is still yet unknown. The problem is made much worse by the political tangles that have affected the United States. As Joe Bidden tries to take power and authority from Trump, their activities impact policies that might otherwise enable the vaccine’s quicker and safer distribution once it is out. The country leaders are more focused on politics than figuring out a way to help Americans access the corona vaccination once it is out.

The United States election s and election campaigns have posed a great threat to the nation’s people. During the election and the campaign period, many people were exposed to the coronavirus, explaining the rapid surge of the virus after the elections. The virus is deadly, and its impact was greatly felt in its first outbreak. The virus left thousands dead and many more recovering from the infection. The coronavirus has impacts on the health of the nation as well as the economy of the nation. The economic conditions of the United States have deteriorated since the onset of the virus. Millions of individuals were rendered jobless as businesses closed, and many were sent from work due to businesses’ urgency to cut down staff. The health of the public has also been in jeopardy. The aging population and those with chronic conditions are at the highest risk from the virus.

As discussed through the blog podcast, the issue is of great importance. The government and its officials should find a way to bring their efforts together and focus on the issue instead of having political battles. All people should put their differences aside and fight as one against the pandemic that is leaving the country paralyzed. The public health efforts that the government has put in place should also be more consistent. For example, it does not make sense to close down schools and leave bars and restaurants open to members of the public. All are public institutions and are likely to be avenues for the spread of the virus, and therefore the government should be consistent in its decisions to open or close such places.  It is the work of the government to protect its people. However, that is only possible if the country’s politics are put aside, and the main focus put on the health of the public.

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