The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) organizational website focuses

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) organizational website focuses on providing quality information to healthcare providers to enhance the quality and safety of care by influencing healthcare decisions. The AHRQ is the lead federal organization that is tasked with improving the quality and care of the health care system in America (Agency for Health Research and Quality, 2020). The organization invests in the research on the matter relating to the national health delivery system. The website uses evidence-based practice (EBP), where it provides critically researched and analyzed data to improve decisions made by caregivers (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2018). EBP appears in the organization’s mission which is ‘to produce evidence to make healthcare safer, affordable, equitable and of higher quality within the US Department of Health and Human Services.’ The work of the organization is grounded on EBP as seen through the data presented and the key competencies of the organization.
The organization has Evidence –based Practice Centers through which it attains Evidence-based reports to assist the healthcare sector organizations in improving the care delivered to patients.  The reports offer comprehensive, science-based information that assists in the process of medical decision making (Agency for Health Research and Quality, 2020). The EPCs program of AHRQ helps review all scientific research and literature on a wide range of medical, clinical and health issues in the country. The EPCs provide various types of evidence reports that help develop courage while making the decision. The organization uses 9 Evidence-based Practice Centers. Through the research section on the website, it is clear that the organization’s work is based on EBP.
The information on the AHRQ’s website is very informative and based on Scientific Evidence. The website has reports that are qualitative and quantitative citing Evidence of the issue being put across. After viewing information from the website, my perception of the organization was changed. I feel that I can trust information from the organization as facts and Evidence back it. The reports and researches are taken seriously and carried out by other bodies acting as EPCs and specifically assigned to produce Evidence supporting medical data. The organization, for instance, has a fact sheet on its website, that has Evidence-based reports and facts on healthcare issues in the country (Agency for Health Research and Quality, 2020).

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