The 8 Branches of Philosophy

The 8 Branches of Philosophy
A. Metaphysics
a. Study of origin
b. Asks us why we are here and what is our purpose in life
c. Study of time
d. The Milesians believed the universe was made of fire, water, earth and air.
e. Aristotle created the “Great Mover and Shaker” theory of our origins (Big Bang)
B. Epistemology: The Theory of Knowledge

a. This is the branch that deals with where knowledge comes from
b. Asks how do we obtain knowledge
c. Rationalism: idea that obtain knowledge is obtained through logic and reason
d. Empiricism: idea that we obtain knowledge by use of our senses
C. Religion
a. This branch deals with why people believe in a higher power and an afterlife
b. Meaning of life
c. Rituals and how people should act
i. Dualism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Monotheism, Polytheism,
Buddhism and Hinduism
D. Ethics
a. This branch deals mainly with morality
b. It helps people determine what is right and wrong and how we can achieve the
“good life”
c. Code of Ethics – rules that guide the conduct
E. Aesthetics
a. The study of what makes beauty
b. Art and its significance
c. What shapes the opinion of beauty
F. Beauty
a. Beauty is perceived as being relative to most
b. Some would argue that there is universality in beauty and that we all feel the
same emotion when observing good art
G. Politics
a. Study of how people interact with each other
b. What is the purpose of government
c. Why people need other people
i. Conservatism
ii. Liberalism
iii. Marxism
iv. Social Darwinism
v. Communism

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