Teletrauma care is of utmost importance

Question 1

Teletrauma care is of utmost importance, especially to communities that do not have access to care. Tele trauma involves using technology to help people living in remote areas or underserved populations receive care that is used to treat the conditions they are going through. Rebecca should share with Erik the essential elements of telehealth. She should talk to him about technological tools such as video conferencing and biosignals and how they are used to provide quality care to patients who live in underserved regions. She should tell Erik about the internet’s growth and how the internet is used to send communication remotely from patients to healthcare professionals. Teletrauma uses information technology as a way of transmitting essential data that is used to assess the conditions of a patient and decide whether they need intensive care at other accessible facilities or not. Less than 30 percent of the American population lives within a 60-minute radius of a trauma center (Mechanic & Kimball, 2017). This makes it hard to serve the whole population and others suffering from trauma but are far from such facilities. Teletrauma makes the use of video conferencing and biosignal tracking to deal with such inaccessibility to care. With teletrauma, it is possible for patients hundreds of miles away to interact with their physicians and get the proper care and medical advice that they require.

Question 2

Technology is essential when it comes to disaster management. Disaster management professionals use technology to make informed decisions that affect the impact of such a disaster on the affected population. Technology is used to identify the likelihood of a disaster happening. For instance, technology is used in detecting weather patterns that would have adverse effects on the population once they occur. The technology monitors for heavy storms and droughts and even the likelihood of events such as tsunamis. Such information allows the evacuation of people before the disaster happens and saves lives and property. Technology is also used to reach areas that are otherwise inaccessible after disaster strikes. The use of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver food and medicine to lockout communities is possible because of technological development. Robots also help in transmitting information about survivors and healthcare personnel working in disaster-stricken areas (Radianti et al., 2017). The technology is also used to identify signs of life through chaotic situations caused by the disaster. Technology such as social media is also important in passing communications about the conditions of a disaster. It keeps the public aware of what is happening and can make informed decisions about the next steps to take.

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