Summary of the Statistics Groups

Recommendations from Clinical Data

The statistical test that’s utilized in this analysis is the independent sample t-test for two
means sample t-test for two means, which is comparing two ulcer treatments, this test is
comparing the means of two independent groups and this process is statistical evidence that
connects the population means being significantly different, because each significant P-Value is
greater than 0.05.
Null Hypothesis
The two population means of the ulcer treatments are equal with the two groups.
Alternative Hypothesis

The means of the two group’s population of the ulcer therapy treatment are not equal
within the study. This study included two groups of participants who were categorized into two
groups as either Group A or Group B. The two groups are being statically tested using the homogeneity of variance assumption of the independent sample t-test. With this t-test, it will test
to see that there is no difference in variability between the two treatment groups. In other words,
the null hypothesis will be rejected, inclusion, a differences between the two variance treatment
groups, in each that an assumption would be violated.
My Analysis
It is a different P-Values within the two treatment groups and a difference between each
group means. All P-Values are greater than 0.05, which is a 95% confidence interval. And that
states the null hypothesis is not rejected. In addition, the two treatment group’s variability are
equivalent. Hence, the homogeneity of variance assumptions have not been violated between the
two treatment groups.
My Final Decision
The null hypothesis is not rejected, which means the two treatment groups means of the
ulcer therapy are equal.
Upon analyzing the two treatment groups, I recommend that a larger sample be used
meaning more people with the groups be used and that will make each group significant. Also,
using a paired t-test would be great for this study as well. Performing a pre-posttest for Group A
and a pre-posttest for Group B as well will make the two groups very significant in the ulcer
treatment study.

After analyzing the two treatment groups response to the ulcer therapy, the treatment of
the ulcer therapy is very much equivalent to the study. Hence, the treatments of Group A and
Group B have different time arrival to the clinic for the ulcer therapy, this may be due to the
severity of the ulcer and how much resources are needed to treat each group ulcers to respond to
the ulcer therapy. The duration of the disease is very equivalent within the two treatment groups.

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