Stroke is a major health issue which is?

Stroke is a major health issue which is creating a burden to many people. There are measures which can be taken to reduce the risk of suffering from a stroke. However, majority of the public is not aware of these measures and many people have a stroke which would have otherwise been prevented. Therefore, holding public lectures and providing the public with this information will have a positive impact on the rates of stroke. Proper preparation for the lecture is important and it entails all the details of the lecture and the content which will be presented. Sensitizing the public on the lecture also helps to create awareness and increase the attendance. This teaching experience was good and hopefully it made a positive impact in the community.

Teaching plan

The topic to be covered is on strategies to prevent strokes among the senior members of the community. The estimated time that the teaching will last will be 35 minutes and it will take place at Heritage Health care. To be able to successfully carry out the training, there will be need for computer paper, ink and fliers to promote the discussion. Fliers are important as they will inform the target audience of its occurrence and hence attract people to it. The estimated cost of the training would be $40. In addition to the senior citizens, the health care providers will also form part of the targeted audience.

Epidemiological rationale

Stroke is a serious health issue in the United Stated and it leads to approximately 140, 000 Americans every year. This accounts for one out of every 20 deaths that occur and a death from stroke every 4 minutes. Every 40 seconds there is someone who suffers from stroke which translates to 765,000 people every year. 1 out of 4 people who suffer stroke have previously suffered a stroke. The health issue of stroke leads to an estimated cost of $34 billion each year

which accounts for the cost of health care services, medications and the missed work days. It is the leading cause of long-term disability and among the senior citizens, 65 years and above, it reduced mobility in more than half of the survivors (“Stroke Facts |”, 2020).

The risk for stroke increases with age and hence senior citizens are at an increased risk of suffering stroke. However, strokes can occur at any age and statistics show that 34% of the strokes which occurred in 2009 were among individuals aged less than 65 years. Knowledge on stroke and its prevention is important to reduce the number of cases. There are warning signs and symptoms of stroke and being aware of them may lead to its prevention. One of the main symptoms is that of sudden numbness on one side of the body. Noting this symptom and seeking medical care can help to prevent a stroke or reduce its severity. Receiving care within 3 hours of this symptom reduces the probability of suffering a disability as compared to those who receive delayed health care. There are also risk factors for stroke and they include high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, diabetes and high cholesterol. 1 in every 3 adults in the United States has at least one of these lifestyle conditions. Having knowledge of this, an individual can be able to take preventive measures (“Stroke Facts |”, 2020).

Teaching experience

This teaching experience was very good as I was anticipating to make a positive change in the society. It aimed at creating awareness and highlighting the measures which individuals can take to reduce their risk of suffering from stroke. The attendance was good but I believe that if it was free, the turnout would have been greater. The venue for the lecture was available and the lecture began on time. There are several questions that I asked myself after the teaching to help in the self-evaluation. The main question was whether I had been able to meet all the goals and objectives that I had. I was able to meet the goals and objectives although the lesson took

more than 35 minutes because there was a question and answer session where I got to interact with the audience.

I invited 2 of my colleagues to attend the teaching so that they could give me feedback on the same. Being new in the field, it is important to obtain feedback from other professionals so as to improve my skills. The main feedback was that I had some form of tension when doing the presentation. This made me miss out on some information which was required to be presented in the teaching. However, the audience was very engaging and any information that I had missed was asked in the question and answer session and I was able to clarify on it. My colleagues were also helpful in this area as they pointed them out in a discreet way through the asking of questions. Tension is common in public speaking and the confidence is gained with the experience gained. Therefore, I believe that by doing this more, I will be able to gain confidence and cover all the areas which I plan to cover during the lectures.

Community Response

The community response was positive considering that there was a good turnout for it. A majority of those that attended were senior citizens who are at increased risk of suffering from stroke. There was a lower turnout for the medical professionals and I believe this is because they already have this knowledge and the lecture will not be beneficial to them. They were grateful for the lecture as it helped them to gain knowledge on how to reduce the risk of suffering stroke and how to detect it early to minimize the negative consequences. I would have liked it to have a balanced audience which included both the young and senior citizens. 34% of the stroke victims occur among people below the age of 65 years. However, there is a myth that stroke occurs among the elderly only and this is why the elderly were majorly attracted to the lecture.

I would like to have frequent lectures on this topic and over a period of time, monitor the change that it would have in the community. Further, I would increase the sensitization of the program to ensure that there will be an increase in the audience turnout and its diversity. Over time, if the rate of stroke cases within the community reduces, then it would be an indication that the teaching is effective. However, if it does not have a positive impact, there will be need to make adjustments to the teaching to improve its efficiency.

Areas of strengths and areas of improvement

The topic under study is one which is of great concern to the public therefore it is an essential one. One area of strength is that extensive research has been carried out concerning stroke. Therefore, there is sufficient information which I was able to access when carrying out the research for this teaching. The available information has also been scientifically researched and the information can be relied upon. I had carried out extensive research on the topic and I believe this was the reason why I presented the information well and was able to answer the questions directed at me. An area for improvement in this is not knowing whether or not the audience will be practicing what they learnt. Without taking the recommended measures, the talk would have been in vain. Therefore, it is important that that the emphasis should be placed on their effectiveness to encourage their implementation

Overall, the teaching experience I got from this activity was very useful and I believe that it will be important in my career as a nurse. I was also able to provide useful information to the target audience which will help improve their health. Stroke has been a major health issue and a leading cause of long term disability. Teaching programs such as this should be carried out across the country and touch on all health issues to help improve public health. Nursing students

can be utilized in achieving this since they already have the required knowledge and it will help them to improve their skills.

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