Background and experience
Being a motivational speaker for about a decade. I went through a communication class in college on excellent public speaking skills and did exemplarily so well. I have been invited in several functions to present a motivational speech of which no shred of a group tempted to feel unsatisfied about my content. Over the years, I take time and rehearsals before I deliver my content, which has helped me avoid panic and present my content with courage.
Organizational method
The causal relationship method is of high priority because it entails showing how two things relate. In this manner, the audience will understand what effect will arise when they choose to help other people. The audience sees the worth of helping others as the consequences will be implicating.

Main topic
-finding fulfillment in helping others
-What is the benefit of helping others?
-How to help other people
-How helping others enables you to see life a meaningful one
-What do you get from helping others?
Researching a children’s home on the importance of helping others by studying how those who supported the orphans benefited from their act of charity. I also examined how by helping the orphans, the well-wishers benefited. The study also encompassed how the helpers conducted this act of charity and, finally, how this act helped them find purpose in life.
Rhetorical devices
-Alliteration-Is the accompaniment of the same letter or sound at the beginning of a near or closely connected words.
-Anadiplosis-It refers to a set of sentences or clauses that repeat two words or phrases, but in a contrary order
-Litotes- It is ironic understatement whereby an affirmative is expressed by the negative of its opposite.
The significance of using these rhetorical devices is to evoke emotions to the audience to feel the strength of the words and therefore find the speech worthy and also to remember what will be said quickly.
My persona is powerful facial expressions, asking questions, giving examples, and persuasiveness. I will be able to ask questions after every subtopic to gauge the understanding of the audience. I will also give examples where necessary to drive the message efficiently to the listeners. Facial expressions will include nodding to show the audience that I agree with my sentiments, which they consequently have to admit. Finally, I will use persuasiveness in my speech delivery to show how decent my points will be.
Star moment
My star moment will be to pronounce the last word when ending my sentence aloud to make the audience remember.
Drawing inspiration
I will draw inspiration from real-life experiences that have occurred.
I  have dein in several ways. First, I did an external address after writing my content. Here, I sat in a room alone and started delivering the speech as I record myself. I had no intention of thinking so much about the effects the statement has on the public or how to conduct it efficiently. Secondly, I started speaking louder as I refer to the points I had written to guide my behavior. Finally, I have begun to talk to myself innately, assuming that I am talking to the people who, in the real sense, are not around. Here, I tried to control my emotions and behavior to deliver the best speech when I get to address the audience. I also visited several forums and observed how other people were conducting their presentations and tried to replicate them as I rehearsed, enabling me to be fit in readiness to give my final presentation.
The most successful parts in my final speech were the background and experience that I had, which enabled me to gain the courage to give my last presentation.my attendance to several functions related to speech presentation helped me gain a lot of insight in this area. It enabled me to replicate the positive behaviors from the presenters that I had to incorporate in mine. The organizational method was also of help as it helped me give the audience the reasons they have to engage in certain positive forms of helping others by giving them the effects of doing so. The development of the best persona had significant help to my presentation as it helped me create an environment where the listeners can effectively remember what I was presenting to them. The application of the stated rhetoric devices was of significance to my work as well. However, my biggest problem was developing the best star moment I didn’t efficiently put into practice. Therefore it’s an area that I have to work on effectively to give the best presentation.
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I hope you are doing fine and welcome to today’s presentation on ”Finding fulfillment in helping others.” We begin with the benefit of helping others. When you help other people, it enables you to make new friends and so we can’t make new friends if we don’t go out to reach and help them. We merge with society at large, get to find new knowledge and skills, and also can help you advance your career goals and ambitions. For example, when you visit an orphanage and help them with clothes and food, in the course of doing that, you interact with other people in the same place from various areas with different skills and career paths and can be your friends. We don’t have to doubt this. Remember, “Our doubt is our passion, and our passion is our task.”
Secondly, we look at how we can help other people in the most effective way, and we need to ensure that we pay attention to other people to understand what they are going through because we won’t know what they are facing if we are not giving them enough time to express themselves. You also have to find time for others in the community or outside your community to support them. Are you getting it right? You can also donate those items that are not in use to them so that they use them instead of being idle wherever they are while they can make critical to others.
Besides that, helpers helping others makes them find life a purposeful one. We are pretty sure that “by loving rather than in being loved,” we find love. Having to socialize with others makes our life happy and meaningful. We only feel that our life has a purpose through helping others as we are motivated to help others. Therefore, for our lives to be significant, we have to be motivated to help others. Thank you very much. I’m sure you aren’t unhappy with the presentations because of your facial expressions.

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