As your EBP skills grow, you may be called upon to share your expertise with others. While EBP practice is often conducted with unique outcomes in mind, EBP practitioners who share their results can both add to the general body of knowledge and serve as an advocate for the application of EBP.

In this Discussion, you will explore strategies for disseminating EBP within your organization, community, or industry.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Resources and reflect on the various strategies presented throughout the course that may be helpful in disseminating effective and widely cited EBP.
    • This may include: unit-level or organizational-level presentations, poster presentations, and podium presentations at organizational, local, regional, state, and national levels, as well as publication in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Reflect on which type of dissemination strategy you might use to communicate EBP.

By Day 3 of Week 10

Post at least two dissemination strategies you would be most inclined to use and explain why. Explain which dissemination strategies you would be least inclined to use and explain why. Identify at least two barriers you might encounter when using the dissemination strategies you are most inclined to use. Be specific and provide examples. Explain how you might overcome the barriers you identified.

Expert Answer

Dissemination is described as the targeted distribution of information to an intended audience.  The main aim is to spread information that will increase knowledge and enhance evidence-based practice and interventions. I would be inclined to use publications in peer-reviewed journals and podium presentations as the main way of disseminating research information. The rationale is that podium presentations give the researcher more time to disseminate their information to the intended audience (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2012). The researcher can explain their research elements to the audience and answer any questions that the audience might have. Podium presentations also make it easier to engage the audience, and the audience is also able to follow the logic of a presentation.  On the other hand, peer-reviewed publications allow the researcher to make necessary audits and use styles that best fit the reader of the work. The dissemination strategy also prestigious as it acts as a credible source of information to the intended audiences.

I would be least inclined to use oral dissemination and poster presentation dissemination strategies. The reason is that oral dissemination strategies focus on a small group of people. It requires a face to face interaction with individuals receiving communication. The dissemination strategy is also costly as the researcher and the audience has to be in the same location (Brownson, Eyler, Harris, et al., 2018). Poster presentation also has numerous disadvantages in that they only communicate research findings as a summary. Posters take a concise and short format and only have two elements; a poster and an explanation of no more than two minutes. Posters cannot, therefore, communicate in-depth research information to the intended audience.

Various barriers affect the dissemination of information through peer-reviewed journal publications and podium presentations. The journal reviewed publications are time-consuming. The researcher has to sit down and write the content of the research. The content has to be also edited before it is published. Publications also have specific audiences in mind when they are being written. The research cannot tailor the content or language used to fit any other audience other than intended. Podium presentation, on the other hand, has barriers such as getting off the topic (Brownson et al., 2018). The researcher may be inclined to go off topic during the presentation due to inquiries from the audience. Another barrier is that the researcher has to cram lots of information and try shortening the whole research to fit the given time frame. It is also hard to, at times, influence the audience and get their participation during such presentations.

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