Social Injustice against Africans Americans in the USA.

The problem of ‘driving while black’ has become a common way of social injustice against African Americans in the United States of America. The abuse against African Americans by police has become part of the legacy for black repression, enslavement, and inequality.  The problem started in the late 1960s where people of color (Negroes) would be stopped on foot or in cars without justifiable reasons (Baumgartner et al).  The constant abuse of the rights of the population can be blamed on the government and their continued war against drugs. The war however has become a war on the constitutional rights of individuals in the minority groups. ‘Driving while black’ is associated with racial profiling that has been affecting the country to this date. Based on the color of the skin, a citizen is subject to brutal treatment by the legal arm of the government, especially the police.  The law prohibits police from stopping anybody without justifiable cause (Wiggs,). However, the ruling of the Supreme Court allows police to use traffic stops as a way of fishing for evidence for wrongdoing.

 The exercise has, however, become discriminatory and a type of racial profiling for people of colour person of color is safe from such treatment regardless of their age, the state in life, occupation, or obedience to the law. African Americans are also incarcerated in large numbers in the United States. There are more males in U.S prisons compared to the rates of white prisoners. Prisons in the U.S have become institutions of modern enslavement where such individuals are held involuntary and in solitude for life or extended periods. The individuals lose the right to freely travel, get employment or education and are treated harshly compared to whites that commit similar crimes (Elliott and Reid). African American prisoners, especially the male have faced a treacherous journey in the sought of freedom, equality, and justice. At every step of seeking social justice related to wrongful incarceration, African Americans have to face racial disparity. It has been more than two centuries since America banned slavery, however, modern-day slavery is felt in the way the country treats its minority, especially the people of color.

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