Security is an essential concept in organizational information system infrastructure.

Security is an essential concept in organizational information system infrastructure. It determines who has access to sensitive information about the organization or its employees. The first step in addressing the information security issues in the organization understands the system, the infrastructure, and possible areas of vulnerability. As a manager, the first step is to understand the system infrastructure system in the organization. Such knowledge will allow the identification of various loopholes that maybe security threats to organizational information infrastructure.

Three significant areas need to be addressed when dealing with information infrastructure security issues. The first area is the management security, which will entail identifying the effectiveness of controls put in place. They are referred to as administrative control, and they give the rules and guidance of how information should be utilized within the organization. They also include procedures that are used to implement a secure information system environment. The other area of concern to look at is operational security. It is referred to as the technical controls and clued access controls, security topologies, and authentications applicable to the systems or organizational applications. The other area that will need to be addressed is the physical security within the information system infrastructure. Physical security includes the protection of data, personnel responsible for the provision and use of the data, and the hardware and software that makes the use of data possible. The physical aspect of security entails protection from threats that could harm or damage the information infrastructure and disrupt business operations.

There are many challenges in addressing security threats in the organization. The constant growth and development of technology make it hard to have permanent solutions to information infrastructure. The organization’s hardware and software components have to be always up to date to deal with such issues. The skill gap in the workforce might be another challenge. Information security could have security measures, but human mistakes are the largest cause of system insecurities. Training the system users on system securities and the do’s and don’ts help eliminate the challenge. Organizations are increasing their dependence on IT for all business processes. It is a trend that the management should understand and support security controls. The ignorance of the management on the seriousness of the matter might hinder any efforts to achieving information security goals. Organizations management should offer support to the information systems team to ensure that the other subordinates follow suit. The lack of resources to deal with security threats could delay the implementation of security measures.


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