Scholars have often stated that ethical living means taking into account the philosophical values

Scholars have often stated that ethical living means taking into account the philosophical values in terms of morals and ethics into consideration with increased regard to the environment, animal welfare, and general sustainability (Bell, 2008). However, for me, ethical living means making the small day to day choices and decisions to have a positive change in the world as much as possible through different forms, which include buying from companies that are known to treat their employees in a fair manner in terms of working hours and remunerations, taking part in communal volunteer activities and even shopping from local companies. Ethical living is a personal obligation before it becomes a collective responsibility, and as a result, we all have different opinions of what ethical living means to us. By making the conscious decision to stand up and try to change a system that is flawed or outrightly broken, regardless of the impact that the effort will make, amounts to ethical living.
I remember this one time when I was the treasurer of the drama club. We were supposed to have a retreat, and as such, every member of the drama club was obligated to contribute some money to cater for the retreat. Someone accidentally overpaid by a huge margin and went on their way without realizing their mistake. In the evening, while I was counting how much money had been contributed, I realized that there had been an overpayment by one of the club members. I immediately pocketed the difference between the paid amount and the amount each member of the club was supposed to contribute. I immediately began thinking of all the nice clothes I would buy after the retreat with the extra money I had pocketed. On the eve of the retreat, my conscience finally won, and I could not stay quiet about the unintentional mistake. I immediately called the girl who had made the overpayment and refunded her. She still had not realized her mistake and was very grateful that she had gotten her money back.
It is, therefore, important for schools to help children develop skills in empathic and reasoning skills that will go a long way in helping them grow into ethical members of society (YouTube, n.d.). It should be noted that personal opinions on ethical considerations are equally important as communal ethical beliefs. This, therefore, creates the need for ethical education in learning institutions regardless of the controversy that surrounds ethical education for children because children also have their own ethical opinions.

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