Scholarly writing is important in nursing

Scholarly writing is important in nursing, as it helps communicate relevant information to different audiences about healthcare issues. The intended audiences of such materials range from patients to other readers who might find the information useful. Ms. Posten should communicate that nurses are not required to follow most of the scholarly writing guidelines in a clinical setting. However, nursing graduates must communicate in a scholarly manner. Most journals that publish nursing information always try to require nurses to use scholarly writing. It helps the readers validate the accuracy of the work that is being presented in such journals. Academic audiences also require references and evidence of where certain information in a paper comes from, hence scholarly writing. Therefore, the audiences determine the style that the scholar uses in their paper and the tone and diction used. Highly educated audiences require papers that meet their levels of expertise. Some jargon or vocabulary could be used as the audience will understand the concept being communicated by the writer

Ms. Posten should also measure the following steps that should be taken before outlining a scholarly paper. The first step is to identify the topic based on narrowing a wider research area of interest. The topic must be subjective and also persuasive. After selecting the topic, the scholar should identify and define the thesis statement that will be based on the research. They should then do extensive research to answer the thesis prompt by using resources such as online texts, textbooks, and other scholarly materials. The research should be in line with the topic of study, and the sources used should also be credible. Ms. Posten should also inform the class to write an outline and a draft before writing the main scholarly paper. The two assist the scholar in organizing their ideas convincingly and understandably.

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