Scholarly writers must identify the types of audiences they are writing to

Scholarly writers must identify the types of audiences they are writing to. Each audience has a different way of understanding information, and the audience determines the characteristics of scholarly writing. Ms. Posten should explain the difference between scholarly audiences and popular audiences. She should explain that the aspects of the writing, such as the style of writing, the diction, and the tone changes when it comes to the academic audience. The scholarly audience determines the vocabulary used in the paper. For example, if the work is being written to a group of nurses, it should use vocabularies relevant to the nursing field. Ms. Posten should explain that different audiences have different expectations from scholarly materials and are interested in a different thing. An example is writing to a professor or a research committee and writing to the student academic community. The two audiences have different preferences and elements that they look for in a scholarly paper. Therefore, the scholarly work should be written in the language that is most appropriate to the intended audience.

Ms. Posten should also explain the following steps that are taken before scripting down a scholarly paper.  The first step would understand the assignment or the topic that the writer is required to write about. The writer should identify the required length of the writing, the writing, the style required in the paper, and the number of required sources. The second step she should explain is finding the appropriate topic approved for the research. The third step would be carrying out extensive research. The writer should use various sources such as the internet, scholarly journals, and other primary, secondary, and tertiary sources of information to collect necessary data. After the research, the next step is to create an outline that will help the organizer the ideas throughout the whole paper. The last step is to write down a draft that contains the main idea and correct the draft. After that, the writer would be ready to write a scholarly paper.

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