Role and qualities of an effective project manager.

The project manager is responsible for the initiation, planning, design, execution, success, and closure of a project. The manager is responsible for planning project activities and managing the resources that are used in a project. Projects face a lot of risks, and the manager’s work is to make sure that such risks are identified and dealt with. In a nutshell, the project manager’s significant role is to control the schedule of a project. To be a good project manager, one must possess skills that make them effective in performing tasks.

The project manager must be an excellent communicator. Communication is an integral part of any project as different units, and members have to interact as they perform given tasks. The project manager has the role of ensuring an efficient project team. The ability for them to communicate with people at all levels is one of the most essential skills. The manager should be open and direct in their communication to ensure that responsibilities, goals, and expectations are made clear to each team member. Through communication, the leader can support the team in their effort to achieve goals by following explicit guidelines. Another important quality of a project manager is the ability to inspire a shared vision. Effective project managers are leaders that are described as having a vision of where a project is headed and also have the ability to articulate the same. The leaders thus is a visionary and lift the project team by giving them a reason for being part of the team and provide them with a vision that will determine the direction a project takes. The leader inspires their team to experience the vision on their own and offer

them the opportunity to explore what the vision will mean to their tasks, jobs, lives, and the future of a project.

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