Recruitment Sources and Selection Instruments.

Recruitment Sources and Selection Instruments

1. Identify two appropriate recruitment sources for the position in your job description.

General online job boards and websites is one of the most used recruitment source with different platforms such as and Glassdoor. Glassdoor is a website for current and former employees to search and find thousands of jobs from different employers. Unlike other sources, Glassdoor emphasizes on employee reviews through allowing users to read reviews, research salary information, and consult company ratings before applying to a position. Staffing agencies and third-party recruiters pose as “agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment opportunities other than for their own needs.” Employers often employ contract recruiters or third-party agencies to represent them in the recruiting and hiring functions. Opting for these two choices provide excellent platform for recruitment of employees to allow employer to have the best top talents. and Glassdoor thus creates more internet traffic to allow candidates track job trends, research salaries, sign up for alerts, and generate personalized resume links to share with potential employers.

2. Create a selection process.

a. Will you require applications and/or resumes? Provide a rationale.

The selection process will make use of applications and resumes as a way of allowing the employers to get a full, “at-a-glance” view of the applicant in the exact format required. These are critical tools for the described job as it offers a brief display of the top required skills and

qualities. The forms also help employers to distinguish between the best candidates and make the hiring decision as well as help securing the first interview process.

b. Will you test applicants? What kind of assessments will you use? Your textbook has excellent information about the types of assessments available and their appropriate use.

The applicants will be tested for different areas based on the selection criterion. For the test, two approaches will be adopted – the KSA based assessment and Task based assessment. The first assessment includes cognitive ability tests, job knowledge tests, and personality tests which would be very important in the selection phase. Secondly, task based assessment included situation judgement test and work sample test to understand how best fit the candidate is for the job.

c. Will you interview applicants? All, some? How many interviews per applicant? How will you decide? Remember that interviewing takes considerable time.

The selected interviews will undertake the first interview process before the final interview for the narrowed candidate. Each successful applicant will only attend a single first interview before the next stage of the procedure. A well-established criteria will be used to select the applicants to proceed to the interview phase – based on education, skills, experience, qualities and other variables.

3. Please write ten legally defensible interview questions. Use situational and behavior questions (see textbook), avoid questions that can be answered with yes or no, avoid

questions whose answers can be ascertained from a well-written application and/or resume. If you ask follow-up questions, those count in the ten.

i. Suppose you had many important projects with rigid deadlines, but your manager kept requesting various types of paperwork, which you felt were totally unnecessary. Furthermore, this paperwork was going to cause you to miss your deadlines. What would you do?

ii. What education do you have?

iii. What experience qualifies you for this job?

iv. Why did you leave your last job?

v. What makes you unique?

vi. Describe a situation in which you used good judgment and logic to solve a problem.

vii. Can you tell me about the last time you had to act and there was no formal procedure on how to do so?

viii. Can you tell me about a time when you had to deal with a customer that made unreasonable or stretched demands and how you created a win-win situation?

ix. When scheduling your time, what method do you use to decide which items are priorities?

x. Why are you looking for a job? Or, why are you looking for a different job?

4. Create an original job posting for this position. A job posting is more than listing responsibilities and qualifications. This is a marketing piece to attract the best candidate. It should be exciting and create some buzz about the position. Add pictures if you like.

Financial Services Representative

Employer Provided Salary: $15-$16 per Hour

We have positions available at our Bridgeton, Cave Springs and Florissant locations. DESCRIPTION:

· Proactively and successfully meet individual sales and production goals as well as contribute to individual Financial Center and overall credit union goals. Maximize opportunities to gain and grow member wallet. Recommend and refer cross-sell opportunities as appropriate.

· Assist members with account and loan needs and inquiries. Ensure all required paperwork and information in the system is completed in an accurate and timely manner.

· Recommend alternative solutions and courses of action to existing and potential members who do not currently qualify for loans or other services based on their previous financial performance.

· Comply with credit union policies and government regulations by securely maintaining member information and records, coordinating efforts with audit, retail operations, compliance, credit resolutions, centralized lending, and quality assurance. Maintain confidentiality at all times.



· Possesses ability for independent thinking that allows for identification of problems and corresponding solutions. Develops and executes action plans where needed.

· Possesses a thorough knowledge of credit union operations, including loan and deposit products and departmental operations.

· Keeps current with industry trends and changes in regulations.

· Sensitive to the credit union philosophy, understands the difference between a credit union and a bank, and works with members based on their individual needs.


· Sales – Actively interacts with existing and potential members to identify current and future financial needs, determines appropriate solutions and is successful in growing member wallet.

· Time Management – Has the ability to process a large volume of work while maintaining member service standards. Possesses good ability to organize work, plan activities, prioritize

tasks and meet deadlines/standards for work assigned. Must be flexible and have a strong ability to adapt to changing situations.

· Interpersonal Skills – Interacts professionally and positively with others, cultivating positive relationships that further the goals of the credit union and meet member needs. Uses tact and diplomacy in difficult situations, approaching conflicts from a positive angle and striving to find a win-win solution by using sound negotiating skills. Works well with other team members to achieve group cohesiveness and objectives.

· Communication – Expresses self honestly, positively, and professionally in both oral and written communication. Speaks correctly and uses correct grammar and spelling in all communications.

· Dependability – Possesses strong sense of ownership and responsibility for financial center’s operations. Displays integrity and high moral responsibility.

· Technical – Displays a solid analytical ability, with the ability to be direct and ask discerning questions. Has a strong understanding of the various programs/software used in their position. Performs work accurately with a strong attention to detail.

· Physical – Able to lift up to 30 pounds occasionally.



· Incumbent should possess at least two years of experience in a sales position. At least one year of experience in a financial institution is preferred. Some college education is desirable.

· Attendance of credit union industry seminars, workshops and conventions may be required. Ongoing professional development is expected.


5. Conclusion: Explain why your final selection process is sufficient to use as it relates to the employee life cycle.

Every phase of the life cycle of the employee has its problems and a business should focus on them to develop and enhance the operation. It is a slow and time-consuming method but very satisfactory in terms of ensuring best selection process and criteria. So a successful career

management plan, which can motivate the workers to be better, is most likely to be a productive system. This promotes the management of compensation and benefits as well as empowers self-service workers to show the contribution of the organization to efficient and productive control of the personnel life cycle (O’Meara & Petzall, 2013. Evaluating the organization’s effective lifecycle management is essential to recruit, retain and sustain top talent.

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