Population Health Policy Discussion

The healthcare industry in the United States and across the globe is facing panic and a lot of strain from Covid-19 and how the pandemic is affecting the delivery of care. The pandemic has led to the rapid innovation of technologies used to create a defensive mechanism against the threat. However, the main issue is on the working staff, such as nurses and physicians tasked with fighting the virus and providing quality care to patients infected at a high rate. Hospitals in the country face shortages of nursing staff or staff that can use the developed technologies to deliver care. The workforce’s demand has more than quadrupled in the last few months, leading to the need for the country to loosen its licensing requirements for nurses. Healthcare innovations alone cannot fight the rapid spread of the virus. The country needs an adequate workforce that will use such technology to create an impact.

The issue has economic impacts as it has put most states on their knees, as seen in New York State. Dealing with the virus is not only labor-intensive but also capital intensive. It is not an easy task to finance the fight against the virus. Covid-19 has led to economic turmoil. The issue has affected the healthcare delivery in the United States, increasing the collaboration of healthcare providers, institutions, and research centers in the fight against the pandemic. The virus has reduced the country’s economic productivity, strained the American healthcare delivery systems, and has had high mortality rates. The main issue of focus in the article is that the country should not only focus on the innovative technologies that are being produced to fight against the pandemic but also on the workforce that will use those innovations to deliver quality care and ensure the safety of the population. The Covid-19 pandemic is not here to stay. With the collaboration of healthcare workers and all emergency systems in the country, the virus will soon be neutralized.

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