Personal Leadership Philosophies

My core values are those of honesty and integrity. I believe that in whatever I venture to do, these are my guiding principles and I apply them in everything that I do. With these core values, I believe that I am able to achieve many things. Integrity is the art of being honest and being able to showcase consistent and uncompromising commitment to morals, ethical principles and values. I am able to showcase my honest and integrity not just in words but also through my actions (Boamah et al., 2018). This core value is not only applicable when I am dealing with other people but also towards myself. I am honest to myself in terms of who I am, what I want and what I need so as to live a fulfilling life. Through these cove values, I have been able to develop consistency in my life. My personal mission is to be honest and positively impact those whom I come into contact with.

The results from the Strengths finder assessment show that my top 5 themes are futuristic, responsibility, belief, individualization and achiever. Bing futuristic shows that I am inspired by the future and possibilities that could be (Alexander & Lopez, 2018). I am able to inspire others with my vision of the future. The theme of responsibility shows that I am able to take psychological ownership of what I say I will do. Possessing this theme shows that I am committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty. The theme of belief shows that I have core values which are unchanging and they help to define the purpose of my life. The theme of individualization shows that I am intrigued with the unique qualities of each person (Alexander & Lopez, 2018). I am able to figure out how different people can work together productively. The theme of an achiever shows that I have great stamina and am a hard worker. I am satisfied whenever I am busy and productive.

There are behaviors which I would wish to strengthen is valuing the input of others when I am interacting with them. Because my core values are honesty and integrity, I have opted to work alone a majority of the time because I have encountered many people who have been dishonest. However, I recognize that teamwork is important and it helps in development as opposed to working alone. In the work environment, team work is inevitable since roles are interconnected. I would need to improve on my team work participation and reduce the distrust that I have towards people (Saleh et al., 2018). To be able to achieve this, I would begin by giving people an opportunity to provide input in various areas. Providing people with second chances will also help to achieve this since human can make mistakes and there should be room to rectify them.

The second behavior is being able to identify the strengths of different people and how they can contribute in a team to maximize productivity. Everyone has their strengths and being able to identify them is essential to improving the outcome. Identifying strengths helps to unleash the full potential of an individual. Lack of this, can lead to frustration as people will be assigned to do tasks which they are not passionate about. This behavior can be improved by choosing to be more observant of those people I am working with. This way, I can be able to identify the individual strengths and assign tasks based on their strengths.

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