Payment Reform Discussion

The payment reform changes how healthcare providers, such as physicians, are reimbursed for the services they provide to patients in their facilities. In the past, the primary reimbursement method was pay-for-service, where physicians would increase their compensation on the number of patients they treated. The form of reimbursement led to poor quality of care as physicians were more focused on treating as many patients as possible other than offering quality services to their patients.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) payment reforms, however, changed the way that physicians and other care providers would be reimbursed for the services they offered to the patient. The reform was focused on increasing patient satisfaction with the type of care and improving patient safety and quality.

Apart from improving the safety and the quality of care, the reform is also aimed at reducing the healthcare costs that have skyrocketed in the last few years. The ACA has the primary goal of dealing with healthcare issues such as costs, improve quality of care, and increase healthcare coverage in the country. The reform changes the compensation model to a value-based model from the pay for service model.  It improves clinical efficiency and encourages the coordination of quality care among providers, therefore meeting the public’s health needs. Value plays an essential role in healthcare, as it improves patient outcomes, safety, and satisfaction. Payment reform is also a way through which the healthcare system in the United States makes physicians’ payments more rational and equitable. The reforms also ensure that Medicare beneficiaries have access to healthcare services offered by physicians countrywide. From the above discussion, the importance of reimbursement reform in the country is justified. It will be one way to help achieve the goals of reduced costs, access to care, and efficiency, therefore increasing value in the healthcare system.

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