Patients with chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure and coronary artery

Patients with chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease often have high hospital readmissions rates. Hospital readmissions account for a large chunk of the healthcare costs that patients have to pay and that healthcare facilities have to incur. A patient has to pay for additional treatment or repeat care when they are readmitted to hospitals. Such costs have led to a spike in the healthcare costs in the country, an issue that needs to be addressed with immediate effect. Medicare is one of the ways that the government is using to deal with healthcare costs. Medicare is associated with narrowing the disparities between populations in access to healthcare. In so doing, it ensures that the patients have access to quality care and thus reduces the number of patients with chronic conditions readmitted to hospitals (Rich et al., 2019).

Reducing readmissions will lead to a meaningful reduction in the costs of care. Hospitals will have fewer overheads to pay and therefore reduce their charges for offering care. It will also mean that patients will not have to pay twice for care services as they will only need one hospital visit. The initiative leads to improvement in the quality of care as it requires healthcare providers to adopt specific strategies that create efficiency. The initiative will involve strategies such as discharge planning and patient education. Such a strategy increases efficiency in healthcare facilities. Patients are educated o the best ways to take care of themselves to avoid hospital readmissions (Wadhera et al., 2018). Teaching patients on having written discharge plans enable the plan to follow-ups, which helps increase the safety and quality of care that patients with chronic conditions get. Another way that the initiative improves quality is through the application of medical reconciliation strategies. Most patients are readmitted to healthcare facilities due to medication-related complications. Pharmacist-led medication reduces the chances of error in the patient’s medication therapy and thus reduces the readmission rates. Poor compliance with medication information increases the patient’s risk of readmission

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