Part A. Research Component: Corporate Strategy Model

Strategic needs of the Enterprise X
New strategies could allow an organization to compete more successfully or expensesefficiently, and can enable companies to penetrate into a new, more lucrative sector or business
segment. Adjustments in strategy will also allow a struggling business to recover its previous
growth rates. From the case scenario, it is evident Enterprise X has long operated in the
Information Systems and Information Technology (IS/IT) services provision industry and
provided a range of software applications to small firms. According to Oktaba & Piattini (2008),
software improvements employ different strategic plans to help small and medium-sized
companies to move towards a direction with strategic landmarks alongside the firm’s mission
and vision. In this section, the focus is on identifying the different strategic needs of Enterprise X
highlighted throughout the case scenario either explicitly and implicitly.

Enterprise X, amid the Web-based operations has remained conservative and risk averse
in its corporate strategy. As a business continues growing or evolving over time, it needs to
realize the difficult path it faces and the ultimate target attainment. This would rather be best
achieved through autonomous and risk taking attitude towards the environment. It would not be
easy for group staff and providers to consider how to get to the final end point without
understanding what path an organization wants to go. Therefore, it is certain that for Enterprise
X to compete in the contemplated global market and possibly undertake an IPO, it needs to
improve its roadmap concept, embrace and adapt in the rapidly growing technological
atmosphere, create sustainability for the departmental operations, stipulate and draft ongoing
corporate strategies occasionally based on trends as well as communicate them to the responsible
Preliminary suggestions for improvement
For the improvement of the existing hybrid market strategy, a creative solution to both
important international business content and technological distribution alternatives is vital.
Around the same time, a hybrid strategy aims to distinguish between rivals and low costs. This
strategic plan is based on the potential to provide consumers with improved advantages at low
costs while securing adequate reinvestment margins to retain and grow centers of differentiation
(Baroto, Bin Abdullah, & Wan, 2012). The conception of a roadmap is actually more
essential than the creation of a more detailed strategy, since a strategic plan could be versatile
and subtly updated at times of transitional conflict. Also, the objectives and main advancements
of the future for Enterprise X, with a strategic strategy, could always be targeted and not the
short-term benefits which could harm this. This ensures that the corporation’s survival is still
within the heads of its workers.
Based on the 4 E’s of corporate strategy, Enterprise X could seek different approaches
towards improving their business and quality of Information Systems and Information
Technology (IS/IT) services offered in the market. First, by deciding to extend their products or
service lines, the business would achieve its globalization and internationalization objectives or
go beyond its current corporate models of operations. This would be by adopting new and
improved models or computing software or mechanisms which also helps them in their plan to
entering new business markets (Flaherty III, Nillesen, & Coughlin, 2019). I would then suggest
reshaping the understanding of consumers of their position to move beyond computing services,
entering relevant industries that increase the value of the consumer, including resource
Secondly, expansion of the enterprise is a possible alternative that would improve the
strategy. In the present market enterprise, this alternative comes in the form of incorporating
additional services in the same context. In this relation, I would suggest building new demand
flows by means of advancing technological inputs that draw clients and pursue options by
synthetic initiatives to scale the business, like investment portfolio, to allow services to expand
from the root. Thirdly, the enhance approach consists of integrating a service already available or
upgrading its functionality (Flaherty III, Nillesen, & Coughlin, 2019). I would suggest enterprise
X to improve their business models by establishing or strengthening consumer connections and
viewing the new portfolio, penetration and margins independently. Lastly, Exit is often an
approach of last resort to mitigate any miscalculated strategies losses. This choice consists of
sacrificing those services or business divisions that are not competitive, not profitable or
otherwise. I would suggest that the company acknowledges that a specific entity can
be controlled or managed certain properties or organizations more efficiently thus exiting from
those markets that they cannot best compete in and exploring the unsaturated markets could be
an ideal strategic plan.
Projected opportunities to Web-based operations and globalization
As companies globalize and move their operations across international borders, they
often have the opportunity to take advantage of doing business in these other world regions such
as cheap cost of resources like human resource and input materials. There are potential
opportunities of encountering an advanced Internet aided technology in the unsaturated markets
in the global territories that would by far impact on Enterprise X’s service delivery. These would
by far extend to improve their product or service development, security and privacy as well as
other crucial clouding services. According to Henry-Nickie, Frimpong, & Sun (2019),
“Innovation is a trademark feature of American competitiveness and has powered its global
dominance since the post-World-War industrial revolution.” Globalization and
internationalization would just be the final push toward IPO of Enterprise X. A transition in the
geography of globalized demand is one of the factors trying to reshape global supply chains and
expand firm economic value and competitive edge (Lund et al., 2020).

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