Online learning became a common practice after educational institutes

Online learning became a common practice after educational institutes adopted the internet as a form of passing on information to their learners. Teaching and learning in an online environment are challenging despite the experiences that an individual might have about the same. Each course takes a different learning and teaching design and therefore various strategies and best practices have to be put in place to ensure the success of the online learning process.

Best Practices

When designing and planning an online learning experience, the following best practices have to be put in place. The first practice is to involve the learner in the process. The notion is that the learner requires just the reading materials and videos and that they can regurgitate the information in simple assignments. However, this does not create an incredible online experience that will promote learning. The online tutors and should use numerous activities that will keep the online learners engaged in the process. Student engagement is a way of showing how much they are learning through the online program. Inquiry-based learning is a way that instructors can use to engage the students in online discussions about the topic (Kimmons & Veletsianos, 2018). Students can explore unfamiliar areas.

Another best practice is developing a clear and precise structure that will make the online course inviting to the learners. Each module in the class should be the same and have a constant structure. It should have a similar structure in assignments, tasks, materials, and collaborative opportunities (Vogelsang et al., 2018). Another best practice is to reflect ad revise what is learned through the online course. Instructional course designs need a performance evaluation with flexible guidelines. The instructors should also promote collaboration among students. It is challenging to collaborate in an online environment. It is however not impossible.

Role of New Media

Diverse media has changed the way that online learning takes place. The development of technology has enhanced communication and has added aspects of interaction such as video conferencing to distant learning. Tutors and students can be in constant communication through online platforms during the course period. The media has influenced the collaboration among peers and has also improved the accessibility to resources that are helpful in the course (Huda et al., 2018). Media has also offered support through the sharing of documents and files on online learning platforms. A virtue classroom is a possibility through the real-time interference that the media has created. This has enabled real-time distant learning and the feel of a lecture room through the internet.

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