Nonverbal Essay-Fundamental of Speech Communication

Nonverbal Essay.
Imagine having a conversation without moving your eyes, your arms , your body. Just
using words in the same tone of voice. It would be weird and in a way confusing. We understand
a message someone else is transmitting not only by the use of words but the way that person
expresses, moving your hands to express happiness, opening your eyes expressing surprise or
even rolling your eyes expressing anger or fatigue. These feelings are only visible because of the
“nonverbal” communication.

When I had some free time, I decided to go to Dadeland mall to do some shopping. When
I was there I went to go the food court to get something to eat, being there I noticed that from a
distance of 12 feet there was a couple, after a while the restaurant called the men to go look for
the order and when he got to the table with his wife they started fighting, I believe they were in a
relationship because they were sitting together, and both were wearing rings. From my
perspective, I noticed the girl very furious when the men got to the table, she was crossing her
arms maybe saying she was not going to eat that and she also put the plate away, maybe she
didn’t like something in the food, or the food in general his husband brought for her, as I can tell
from what I saw, I am sure the fight started when the men got to the table with the food. On the
other hand, I saw a very comprehensive attitude of the men since he was trying to make the girl
speak quietly and with respect, or at least that is my impression, he was using his hands to calm
her. The woman kept rolling her eyes and the man kept asking what was wrong and what else he
could do to make things better. After she pointed out the food, I suppose he was going to bring

Dos Santos 2
her something else; At the end I was right due he went and changed it, after a while the men
came again with a complete different plate, maybe she was allergic, or she had a trauma with
some food, she smiled and gave a him a kiss. He looked a bit tired while he started to eat
meanwhile I got to figure out why she was so picky. She stood up and a pregnant belly showed
up, they were having a baby, so at that time everything made sense to me, it was like a movie, he
hugged her and touched her belly with love. They looked like a happy couple waiting to be a
In conclusion, doing this activity I realized how gestures can change the whole story,
maybe another person wouldn’t be able to see what I see, or maybe that person would see
something completely different, also I found amazing how expressive some people can be
without saying a word. Non-verbal communication is essential in our day to day interactions and
I didn’t even noticed it before.

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