NBA ticket sales and television viewership ratings decline throughout the 2019-2020 season

Topic: The purpose of this research paper is to examine the effect of ticket sales and television viewership based on the factors of player injuries (Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Zion Williamson, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving as examples), load management (Greg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs as examples and the Los Angeles Clippers with Kawhi Leonard as an example), competing with the National Football League (Thursday Night games), social media and streaming tv, coastal imbalance (west coast versus east coast game times), and games being broadcasted on television versus cable.


Here are three references that must be incorporated in the research paper.

Halson, S.L. Sports Med (2014) 44(Suppl 2): 139.


Humphreys, B. R., & Johnson, C. (2020). The Effect of Superstars on Game Attendance: Evidence From the NBA. Journal of Sports Economics, 21(2), 152–175.


Mullin, B. (2019, December 27). Injury-Plagued NBA Draws Fewer TV Viewers. Retrieved from


There must be at least six other references incorporated.

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