my organization had most of the scores between neutral and completely true

From the Healthy Workplace Inventory assessment, my organization had most of the scores between neutral and completely true. Most of the scores fell on the completely true mark earning 4 points per statement. A good number fell under the somewhat true category. The organization scored low points on statements such as having all organization members involved in the decision-making process. The assessment shows that there is a culture of respect for each individual. Work is also evenly and fairly distributed throughout the organization. Most organization members would recommend the organization as an excellent working place for their friends and their relatives (Clark, 2015).  Teamwork is always promoted, and the team spirit is embedded in the organization’s culture.

From the organizational assessment, the civility of the organization stands at moderately healthy. The organization scored an overall of 88 in the evaluation out of the possible 100 points. The workplace is civil in that it promotes a culture of mutual respect and teaches its employees to embrace responsibility. The organization also develops the employees’ ability and skills as a way of career development and employee satisfaction.  The organization is also civil in that it teaches the employees to identify their behaviors within the organization and understand how such behavior affects the organization (Clark et al., 2011).

An example of civility I have experienced before is a senior throwing disrespectful remarks at a group of employees. The employees had made mistakes in performing the task they were supposed to carry. The supervisor started by insulting one of the employees and looking down on him. The issue escalated as others got angry, and the manager had to come to solve the problem. The problem was solved by addressing the parties involved and calling them to a meeting to lay out their issues on the table. The two were able to reconcile and merge their differences (Griffin & Clark, 2014). The supervisor communicated what he expected of the employee, something he had not done before. The employee shared about how he felt about being be-little and insulted. After having to spend time together as it was the company policy, they finally got along.

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