.Ms. Posten should explain that identifying and understanding audiences for scholarly materials

1.Ms. Posten should explain that identifying and understanding audiences for scholarly materials can be confusing to many writers. She should explain that the nursing students should not write as though they are writing to the instructor only but to a wider community of scholars. She should explain that the intended audiences have different expectations from scholarly materials and that a writer should consider it. She should also explain the audiences in a scholarly paper to determine the type of language used, the vocabulary, the tone, and the style used in writing. Academic audiences are well educated in the field under study, and the writer could use discipline-specific vocabulary and jargon, assuming that the audience is already familiar with the same. Ms. Posten should also communicate to the class about the steps taken before outlining a scholarly paper. The first step is to select the subject of the research. After that, the scholar should narrow down the subject and get a topic approved or appropriate to the intended audiences. The next step is to state the tentative objective of the paper, which is also the thesis. The thesis explains the main idea that the paper will be communicating. It should contain elements that are connected and should not be vague. The scholar should then carry out extensive research on the topic. The research should be carried through a variety of sources, such as primary and secondary sources. The internet is also a major source of relevant data. The next step should be to create an outline of the paper and write a draft. Therefore, Mrs. Posten should communicate all those steps to her class to ensure that they can write a good scholarly paper.

2.Scholarly articles are important in nursing as they influence how the audience understands the message that a particular document is trying to communicate. Nurses communicate their information to patients and other members of the public through various avenues. Ms. Posten should explain that there is a difference between academic audiences and journal audiences. The academic audience requires the graduate of student nurses to write in a scholarly manner. It identifies research and creates evidence-based content related to nursing (Franks, 2018). Some journal articles also require nurses to send written content in a scholarly manner to maintain credibility to their readers. She should also explain the general characteristics of scholarly writing, such as having a formal appearance with elements such as tables and graphs. Scholarly writing also uses a language specific to the topics or discipline of study.  She should also teach that writing contains an in-depth analysis of other studies, research, and experimentation (Connelly, 2020). She should explain that papers that lack such characteristics are likely not to be acceptable sources of information to the intended audiences.

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