Mr. Anuj is the employer and sends Ajay Case study


Mr. Anuj is the employer and sends Ajay in search of the pet cat which
was missing for 3 days. After Ajay left in search of the cat Anuj advertise
In a newspaper saying that whoever finds the cat will give a reward of
Rs.10,000. Ajay find it and the reward ignored can he claim the reward.
Justify your answer.

Ans :
The given case is under the chapter of offer and acceptance. Offer refers to the
signification by one person to another of his willingness to enter in to a contract with
him on certain terms. It may be expressed or implied from the conduct of the parties.
In this set case Mr.anuj told to Mr.Ajay to search his cat. Mr. Ajay went for the search
and after Ajay left in search of cat Anuj advertise in a newspaper saying that
whoever finds his cat will give a reward of 10,000. Ajay find it but Mr. Anuj refuses to
give reward.
Case : Lalman V/S Gauri Dutt
Gauri Dutt sent his servent Lalman in search of his missing nephew. Gauri Dutt
announced a reward for information concerning the boy. Lalman traced the boy in
ignorance of any such announcement. Subsequently Lalman came to know of this
reward. He claimed it. Held – Lalman was not entitled to the reward
Judgement :
As mentioned above Mr. Anuj advertise the reward after Ajay went in search
therefore in this case there is lack of communication. A person cannot accept an
offer as long as he is unaware of its existence. Unless an offer is properly
communicated there can be no acceptance of it. There can be no offerby a person to
himself. An acceptance of an offer in ignorance of the offer is no acceptance at all
and does not create any legal rights or obligations.
Therefore here in this case Mr. Anuj need not pay the reward amount to Ajay.

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