Many people view the notion of stress being false because many people affected

Despite the negative aspects of stress that we know of, stress has many benefits in the life of a human being. It helps improve the cognitive ability of an individual (brain functioning) and it also influences purpose development in individuals. Stress could be good if it makes an individual move towards achieving a set goal.
Counterargument Paragraph
Many people view the notion of stress being false because many people affected by stress factors portray negative outcomes.  They argue that stress is negative as it affects the emotional and wellbeing of an individual negatively. However, research from psychologists and other healthcare professionals show that there is a difference between good and bad stress in a person’s life.  Good stress acts as a motivational factor to attain a given objective and also helps in mental development. Individuals however argue that no stress is good stress, from what they see and hear through social media. They argue that stress is a cause of suicides and increased violence in family and community settings.

Rebuttal Paragraph
Despite the objections made against the benefits of stress, it is scientifically true and proven that a given level of stress is beneficial to the cognitive development and purpose development in individuals. An excellent example is a study carried out by Gutowski et al (2017) shows that stress could influence the development of purpose in youths. Stress acts as a motivator for youths to achieve a certain purpose through the pressure they feel from societal expectations. Such youths develop the desire to escape factors that create stress. Good stress also improves cognitive ability. Stressors give the brain a task and therefore constant stress with solutions could help improve the cognitive capability of individuals. As a matter of fact, we can never escape the stressors in our daily life. Knowing how to deal with stress is what matters. One can either let stress be a motivator to achieve a purpose or let it be the factor that pulls them down. So long as the stress is in the right amounts and for a given period, then an individual can reap benefits from it.

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