Managerial Decision Making

In this course, you have learned about various aspects of managerial decision-making. For this assignment, you will reflect on everything you have learned and discuss how you will use it to improve your decision-making in the future. To complete this assignment, prepare a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the best practices in rational decision making and explains how you will use what you have learned in each of the following areas to improve your managerial decision-making.

1. Overcoming bias
2. Awareness of boundaries
3. Awareness of framing
4. Motivation in decision-making
5. Emotions in decision-making
6. Fairness and ethics
7. Investments
8. Negotiations
9. The six issues in negotiator cognition
Be as creative as you can with color and flow to make the presentation unique and powerful. Use bullet points where possible to keep it clear and concise. Pretend you are creating the presentation for an audience of managerial  decision making learners.
In your presentation, you must use at least two academic references, one of which may be your textbook. The sources must be cited and referenced in APA format. Your presentation should include an introduction slide and conclusion slide; it must be a minimum of 12 slides, but no more than 20 slides (not counting the title and reference slides).

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