Management and Organization Theory- Leading Testy products


Tasty Products has asked Wiz Consultants to help Tasty Products’ Human Resources

Director make the final selection for a new Executive Vice President from the candidates she has

previously interviewed to establish and lead the new division. Tasty Products is launching a new

line of all-naturally flavored protein bars to its new and existing clients (Groups/Teams/and

Teamwork, S., 2021). This new harvest plan will require the creation of a new department to

implement, harvest, advertise, and allocate the product at hand (Groups/Teams/and Teamwork,

S., 2021). Consultants from the WIZ corporation will analyze the three applicant’s profiles and

then use their management services, leadership skills, and management style to select their new

VP of this new department at Tasty Products company.

Management Skills

The administration skills of T.J. Max come from the previous knowledge of her

managerial roles in the thirteen years she worked at Star Lite Foods company. She shows great

application abilities by visiting other farms in their regional area to assist and develop business

plans that ensure that production is stable on every farm (Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S.,

2021). She is responsible for increasing the manufacturing of vegetables on farms that Star Lite

uses. T.J. Max has outstanding organizing, preparation, and development skills by being able to

get local farmers to work together through her outreach program. T.J. Max has learned to use

social media and advertising to her advantage with helping Star Lite Foods’ networking. This can

allow the business and its local farmers to stay up to date on developments that may affect the

district and also be able to connect with other farmers. She displays effective communication

skills by consistently following up with local farmers and by being open-minded about working

with everyone; she shows great interpersonal skills (Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S., 2021).


Having these certain management skills is what makes T.J. Max stand out and also well-liked by her peers and her staff members.

L.L. Bean has been very practical in his managing skills. He is involved in every section

and likes to know what is happening; hence, he has great supervisory abilities to lead a team

(Learning, L., 2021). L.L. Beans expectations are for his team to execute a task together to

complete it when it is requested. L.L Bean displays effective communication skills as a team

leader and is often straight forward and expresses his opinion (Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S.,

2021). L.L Bean is popular with the supervisors and is said to be motivated and determined. He

has been employed with Tasty Products for three years now and shows excellent preparation

skills to innovate and capitalize his abilities through his contribution in his previous business that

Tasty Products bought out from him, Bean’s Frozen Health (Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S.,

2021). He knows his managerial and leadership abilities will reflect on the success of Bean’s

Frozen Health, which has sold $360 million annually thus far (Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S.,

2021). He believes that those who wish to achieve their goals will complete their task, create a

sense of creativity, and will be efficient at executing every detail on the job (Learning, L., 2021).

L.L. Bean doesn’t have a recognized background in education with advertising, but he believes

he can accomplish Tasty Products’ in merging with Bean’s Frozen Health effortlessly.

The twelve years that J.C Penney has been employed with Tasty Products has allowed him to

cultivate and polish his managerial skills. He has been the Deputy Director of quality control for

four years and has been known for his detail orientation skills and for being an open-minded

manager (Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S., 2021). J.C Penney shows great managerial abilities

through the application of company guidelines and supporting practices in the production and

quality side of the company (Learning, L., 2021). He is also often distracted by the aspects of


manufacturing and tends to get too involved in other areas in the company. J.C. Penney sees

himself as a supervisor and a tutor to his employees and has proven to his worth that his

leadership skills are enough during his time with the company. Besides being detail-oriented,

J.C. Penney often pursues guidance before giving his outlook on an issue. A great quality that J.C

Penney has is focusing on employee development. He shows great constancy and organization

skills as a supervisor because he has employed a group of highly sophisticated staff members

(Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S., 2021). This change is beneficial for the company because

those employees will become knowledgeable on company guidelines and essential for long-term

goals (Thompson, D. J., 2021). Another great quality about J.C. Penney’s management skills is

that he has hands-on experience in the executive VP role and believes that he would be a great fit

because he is dedicated to Tasty Products. He understands the company’s vision, mission, and

core values and is qualified to lead the team to success (Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S., 2021).

Leadership Skills

  1. J. Max has strong leadership skills to have managed a mid-sized distribution company

that made an annual sales revenue of $200 million. T.J. Max has the necessary abilities that it

takes to lead a team and company onward to meet its goals and daily agendas. She has the vision

skill that made it possible for vegetable production to grow after working with local farmers in

different areas and arrange a practicable business plan for each farm. This can also relate to a big

idea on leadership skills, which has proven to be a great skill set that T.J Max has. She has both

motivating and interpersonal skills. An example of this is the fact that she was able to connect

with her employees and make them work together instead of individually working on projects.

The task of having employees work together can be difficult if they do not get along due to

different backgrounds and personalities, but T.J. Max makes this process seem effortless with her


encouraging talents to build relationships with employees (Burton, J. L., 2021). She is also well[1]liked by her employees, which makes working alongside T.J. Max an easy experience while on

the job. She has skills that can be viewed as innovative because she is clever and resourceful, and

this is reflected in her actions from working with the company for seven years as a regional

manager and four years in management positions overseeing production, as well as her

marketing experience as the VP of new product design and marketing department of Star Lite

Foods (Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S., 2021). She can be recognized as a natural leader.

  1. L. Bean has the creating and originating leadership skills that made it possible for him

to take on entrepreneurship and start his own company, Bean’s Frozen Health. Even after Tasty

Products purchased the company after a successful fifteen years, L.L. Bean has not let it

completely out of his grasp. He still wants to be involved in the future of his former business and

being involved shows that he is thinking about long-term goals. Those long-term goals explain

L.L. Bean’s wish to manage Tasty Products’ new division even after having sold his company.

Having long-term skills will keep a person motivated on benefiting the company in the future as

well as trying to attain the “Next Idea” to feed the ambition to try more. He has proven to have

innovative skills because of his success with Bean’s Frozen Health (Groups/Teams/and

Teamwork, S., 2021). This also shows that L.L. Bean has great direction skills to be able to lead

and express another company’s productive and creative ideas to generate revenue (Learning, L.,

2021). He has three years of previous experience where he has been employed at a leadership

level at Tasty Products company. L.L. Bean believes that he is a trainer for other staff members,

therefore he exerts strong inspiring and motivating assistance when needed, and they are both

essential for acquiring and maintaining a leadership position. He would use these leadership

qualities to ensure that every staff member does their part in driving the manufacturing process

of the company pushing forward in their goals.

  1. C. Penney’s leadership skills come from the twelve years he has been employed with

Tasty Products. Initially, he oversaw a protein bar business for eighteen months that made $1

million in revenue. He has strong influencer skills because his team members think highly of his

recommendations and opinions. He has excellent training skills since he provides guidance to his

staff members and is outspoken about what he would like to see accomplished. He shows strong

effective leadership skills by being very direct and applying effective communication practices

with his staff members (Learning, L., 2021). J.C Penney believes that he is the most qualified

contender because he understands Tasty Products’ vision, mission, and values, and this shows

that he has a flawless vision and long-term skills to push Tasty Product’s company to the next

step (Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S., 2021). He also has the upper hand with having hands-on

experience in certain areas of the VP role that is available compared to the other two candidates.

J.C. Penney has done his research and taken reports on the company’s real purpose, which makes

him an excellent leader for the company’s new division. J.C. Penney can use this hands-on

experience to motivate other staff members to feel passionate about loving their career or job

within the company to excel with the company as a joint entity.

Leadership Style

  1. J. Max has a Laissez-faire leadership style. She believes that staff members are more

productive without strict guidance, hence why she practices a detached approach

(Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S., 2021). Additionally, this has allowed her staff members to

cooperatively work together as opposed to independently working. As a team, employees can delegate and use their problem-solving abilities to complete a task, with little to no supervision

from their supervisors (Ann Sebeck, B. C., 2021).

  1. L. Bean practices a democratic leadership style. Although he is hands-on with a lot of the

specifics of the company, he believes that those who wish to achieve their goals will complete

their task, create a sense of creativity, and will be efficient at executing every detail on the job.

He has the final say in decisions that affect the business as a whole, but he heeds to the ideas and

opinions of his staff members. Furthermore, he has held conferences to keep employees

motivated and up to date on what is happening with the company. This leadership style is the

reason why L.L. Bean’s employees say that his business is an excellent place to work for and that

they feel they are being treated fairly (Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S., 2021).

  1. C. Penney’s leadership style is autocratic. J.C. Penney knows exactly what he wants to

be executed and is opinionated about what needs to be done. He tends to be very involved in the

details of production and the outlines of following procedures. He is detail-oriented and is

obligated to follow the policies and regulations of the company where they are applicable

(Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S., 2021). He has employed a highly educated team and holds

monthly conferences with specific groups on certain topics and requires them to report back to

him during the monthly meeting.

Candidate Recommendation

Wiz Consultants recommends L.L. Bean as the first-choice candidate for Tasty Products’

new VP. He displays what it takes to be able to develop an innovative approach, creating well[1]made products, execute effective product advertising, cultivate and maintain the progress and

procedures for employees to follow and create and an articulating clear vision for the new

division. His democratic leadership style ensures that L.L. Bean will be an understanding leader


that will support the philosophy, values, and customs of Tasty Products. He already knows what

it takes to push a team forward into success from personal experience with his previous company

Bean’s Frozen Health. He has the focus and motivational skills needed for the staff members to

follow in line with his strong leadership abilities. Additionally, Tasty Products needs an executive

VP that will have the capability to instill the new trademark to existing and future clients, and

with L.L. Bean’s innovation and ambition abilities, he can make this into reality. His long-term

goal will allow him to be able to communicate “What makes Tasty Products naturally flavored

protein bars superior” to every client that he interacts with (Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S.,

2021, Thompson, D. J. 2021). L. L. Bean is the ideal contender that Tasty Products company is

pursuing for.

First Rejected Candidate

T.J. Max is Wiz Consultants’ second applicant in the decision-making process and was

not chosen due to her leadership style. The company needs a strong leader that will be more

involved with the manufacture and performance of the division to ensure that the new line of

merchandise is manufactured and advertised accordingly to become a beneficial product for the

company. Existing and future clients will need to be exposed to this new product of organic

protein bars, and although T.J. Max has advocated for natural products and is focused to comfort

the consumers, she gives staff members too much power in the decision-making process

(Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S., 2021). This is not the path that Tasty Products is looking to

take a risk on while rolling out their new line of merchandise. This launch of new protein bars

will need someone to dive into the specifics of the division to guarantee that this product and the

company are heading in the right direction. T.J. Max has great managerial qualities as well as leadership skills, but she is not the most qualified to follow the executive VP role for Tasty Products at this moment.

Second Rejected Candidate

J.C. Penney was Wiz Consultants’ third applicant in the decision-making process, and he

was not selected for executive VP positions since he lacks marketing and sales experience, which

is fundamental to the succession of the protein bar rollout. J.C. Penney has several leadership

skills that would make a great executive VP for the corporation; although, he does get easily

sidetracked by the specifics of production and gets too involved in other departments that do not

need his attention (Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S., 2021). The executive VP cannot get side[1]tracked when the goal of the division is to become a front-runner in the protein bar market. Sales

experience and advertisement are essential to this role, as they will be the source of energy that

initiates this merchandise’s successful rollout. Furthermore, it seems as if J.C. Penney would be

better suited to manage and direct the manufacturing and quality control of the business rather

than an executive VP position because of his engineering and educational background

(Groups/Teams/and Teamwork, S., 2021).


Wiz Consultants has reviewed three candidates provided by Tasty Products’ Human

Resources Director and has selected one applicant which was L.L. Bean as the recommended

choice for the new Executive Vice President role. L.L. Bean has the leadership style, managerial

abilities, and leadership skills that align best with the vision, mission, and core values that Tasty

Products is looking for. He will also fit in with the work culture that has been established by the

company. Having previously been a part of a large corporation, Wiz Consultants believes that


L.L. Bean will easily onboard as the new VP of the new division. Wiz Consultants thanks Tasty

Products for trusting them with this tough decision-making process.

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