Logical database architecture is the method of determining


Logical database architecture is the method of determining how to organize the characteristics of organizations into database structures, such as relational database tables, in a given market context. The purpose of the logical design of a database is to build well-structured tables which represent the business environment of the organization. The tables will store non-redundant data on the companies’ entities and international keys will be stored in the tables in order to help all connections between the entities. The method of changing logical database design to enhance performance is the physical database design, which will be treated in the following sections. Organizations have been using databases to hold organizational data that may be essential to the operations of the organization. Amazon has a large number of customers and hence it requires a vast database system that can be able to handle the multiple data entries and associate the perfect instructions to be operated on the data.

Main decisions in the server framework Physical Database Architecture. These key choices include: a) Select the storage format (called data type) from the logical model for each attribute. For optimize data integrity and minimize storage capacity, the format and related parameters are chosen. Taking into account market restrictions, decide the requisite details like this – i.e. NOT NULL, the limits of relational consistency (referential consistency) and the data environment. The domain consists of the attribute-defined physical aspects (data form, field dimensions). It also involves restrictions set by the laws of industry. Some of these restrictions can be enforced by practical behavior within the database and others can be handled by the program (user interface). Both of these – functional limits, application maintenance and policy / certain limitations-are protected in the scope.

Microsoft Access database management system is the common and most used database system for the beginners in the database industry though with clear knowledge of the specific area then individuals can develop complex databases that can be essential in management of data for organizations. Coming up with the perfect database involves associating the perfect data types for the specific attributes for the databases. Microsoft Access database creation involve in setting up of databases that have attributes and certain data types like Integer, text, currency, date and time, objects and attachments.

Data management is one of the top five key measures for world organizations in 2019, according to the 2019 State of Data Management. Since technological developments such as machine learning and AI are focused on data quality and on digital transformation activities worldwide, this pattern is unlikely to change in the immediate future (Profisee, 2019). It is a realistic and actionable mechanism to enable a range of stakeholders throughout every enterprise to define and fulfill their knowledge criteria according to the Data Governance Institute (DGI). The DGI believes that organizations do not just require data processing systems. They need a set of guidelines that can guarantee that they are met with faithfully every working day. Protocols and procedures. This is a high quality in every governing structure. Resources such as the technical forum promote the practice (Profisee, 2019).

The relationships between the sets contained in a database are seen on the object relationship diagram (ERD). An object, a data item, is an entity in this sense. A group of related entities is a set of entities. They may have qualities that characterize their characteristics. Clients, goods, orders and shippers are included at Amazon. There is a direct interaction between the four organizations. In addition, each individual has an identity key. For eg, the order ID, the customer and Product ID, are the primary key. An ER diagram shows the logical structure of the database by describing the entities, their characteristics and by displaying the connections between them. To draw a database, ER diagrams are used.

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