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Wiz Consultants has been hired by Tasty Products to assist the Human Resources Director in selecting a new Executive Vice President. The Human Resources Director has previously interviewed candidates and narrowed down the selection to three individuals. The selected candidate will be responsible for establishing and leading a new division that produces a line of all-naturally flavored protein bars (Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). Tasty Products’ new plan will require a person to create a new department to implement, advertise, and allocate the new product line. WIZ Consultants will analyze the three candidate’s profiles and how their management and leadership skills will be beneficial as the VP to Tasty Products’ new department.

Management Skills

T.J. Max has developed an expansive knowledge and skill in management throughout her thirteen-year employment at Star Lite Foods (Groups/Teams/Human Resource

Management, 2021). Her approach in developing business plans that involved visiting other farms in the area to ensure production was stable for the continued manufacturing of vegetables used by the company is notable (Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). She exhibits outstanding skills in organization, preparation, and development by her ability to get local farmers to work together (Learning, L., 2021). T.J. Max has increased Star Lite Foods networking by utilizing social media to stay abreast of any developments that could affect the local farming area (Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). This strategy is also a helpful way to keep the local farming community connected with each other and with the Star Lite Foods company. She exhibits exceptional interpersonal skills by maintaining communication with existing contributors and being receptive to new ideas.

These qualities really make T.J. Max well-liked by her peers and staff and that gives her an advantage towards new opportunities.

L.L. Bean is very attentive and hands-on in his managing skills (Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). His ability to supervise a team can be seen in how involved he is in every step of executing a task. He has set an expectation for his team to complete a task together and in a specified amount of time (Learning, L., 2021). L.L. Bean exhibits his ability to effectively communicate with his team by being straightforward and expressing his opinions (Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). He has a great reputation for being motivated and determined among employees and managers. His leadership and managerial skills led his business of 15 years, Bean’s Frozen Health, to rapid growth in the US and Canada with $360 million in annual sales. L.L. agreed to remain in a leadership capacity with Tasty Products for 3 years after the buyout of Bean’s Frozen Health

(Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). He sees himself as a doer and believes that doers get the job done. He also believes that to stay ahead of the competition you have to take risks. L.L (Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). Bean utilized in-house personnel and experienced marketing firms as the company grew due to his limited formal education experience. He takes pride in the fact that he has led Bean’s Frozen Health through the many growth stages by being an innovator and entrepreneur.  His accomplishment in building a successful business from a basement operation to having over 250 employees makes L.L. Bean feel he could easily manage Tasty Products’ new division

(Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021).

J.C. Penney had 18 months of experience with a small protein bar company overseeing production (Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). He was hired by Tasty Products as the production manager at the San Diego facility 12 years ago and for the past 4 years, he has been the Deputy Director of quality control (Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). His focal point is to ensure products are all-natural, organic, and environmentally friendly, all while ensuring they meet consumer price points throughout U.S. and Canada.  He is recognized as being a fair manager, by implementing policies and procedures with employees in an unbiased manner. J.C. schedules monthly staff meetings to discuss specific topics for specific groups to report on their expertise in that department (Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). As a manager and mentor, he focuses on employee development providing hands-on guidance in production and quality control. He is known to be trustworthy and ethical; he seeks a lot of data before deciding or giving direction. Production details tend to be a distraction because he can get too involved in areas of line operation. J.C. Penney believes that his commitment to Tasty Products and his understanding of the company’s vision, mission, and core values would make him a great candidate for the role of Executive Vice President.

Leadership Skills

T.J. Max shows impressive experience managing a mid-sized distribution company and her strong leadership skills that contributed to $200 million in annual sales revenue

(Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). Her knowledge, skills, and abilities were necessary to lead a team and company to reach daily goals. Her development of practical business plans for each farm and working with local farmers made the vision of increasing vegetable growth possible (Learning, L., 2021).  T.J. Max’s leadership possesses both motivating and interpersonal skills. She was able to connect with employees and motivate them to work as a team rather than independently to reach a common goal (Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). She has a reputation of making the process of getting people to work together look effortless by building relationships with employees (Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). She has a hands-off approach without strict guidance which she feels gives the team freedom to make decisions

(Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). She will always follow up after she has had time to think about any issue or question brought to her attention. T.J. engages in conversation and expresses her opinion, which is respected by her employees. Her skills could be considered innovative because of her creativity and resourcefulness that allowed her to gain the position of Vice President of Star Lite Foods’ new product Design and Marketing Department.

L.L. Bean’s natural leadership skills are what gave him the drive to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship, creating Bean’s Frozen Health (Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). He continued his leadership even after Tasty Products purchased his company after 15 years of success.

He continues to be involved in Bean’s Frozen Health’s future with Tasty Products (Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021). This involvement proves he thinks about long-term goals and his continued success should he take on a more defined role with Tasty Products’ new division. His commitment to his own company shows how motivated he is to continue to develop new ideas that will keep the company in a competitive status in the future. By creating Bean’s Frozen Health, he is innovative and creative (Learning, L., 2021). L.L. Bean takes pride in staying informed on every department’s progress and believes in not wasting time. His ability to stay focused and driven makes him believe he would be an asset as the new VP

for Tasty Products’ new division.

J.C. Penney’s employment with Tasty Products for the last 12 years has helped him enhance his leadership skills. His previous leadership role for a protein bar company helped increase revenue to $1 million. He possesses strong training skills and provides direction to employees by being outspoken about the goal that needs to be accomplished. J.C. Penney’s communication practices with staff members show strong leadership skills (Learning, L., 2021). He believes that his understanding of Tasty Products’ vision, mission, and values adds to his qualifications as a strong contender for the position. His contributions to Tasty Products make up for his lack of marketing and sales experience. His reputation as being reliable and a deep thinker makes him the person management can turn to when they need to solve technical issues.  J.C. Penney believes his commitment to Tasty Products and his hands-on experience are what make him a good fit for the role of Executive

Vice President.

Leadership Style

T.J. Max’s belief that staff members are more productive without strict guidance describes a laissez-faire leadership approach (Learning, L., 2021). Although this type of leadership generally leads to lower productivity, it has allowed the staff members of Star Lite Foods to work together cooperatively instead of independently. T.J. Max feels her hands-off approach with her team was instrumental in increasing Star Lite Food’s market share by double digits.

L.L. Bean uses the democratic approach which gives employees a role in the decisionmaking process (Learning, L., 2021). Ultimately, he has the final say in decisions that can affect the whole of the business but considers the opinions and ideas of team members. He would frequently hold town meetings to communicate his vision with employees. This style of leadership could be the reason why employees feel they are treated fairly, and his business is a pleasant place to work.

J.C. Penney takes a more autocratic approach to leadership by making decisions without employee involvement (Learning, L., 2021). J.C. Penney believes in hands-on guidance and expresses exactly what he expects the result to be. He is detail-oriented and follows the policies and regulations the company has set in place. He is very involved in the production and his opinions within the company are valued by management. He conducts monthly meetings asking certain employees with expertise on specific topics to report their findings.

Candidate Recommendation

L.L. Bean is the candidate that WIZ Consultants recommend as the first choice for Tasty Products’ new Vice President. His democratic leadership style suggests that he can be a leader that will support the vision, mission, and values of Tasty Products. His personal experience in leading a team to achieve success with his previous company, Bean’s Frozen Health, proves he already has what it takes. L.L. Bean’s focus and drive for strategic planning, marketing, and product development describe the type of leader that will make Tasty Products’ new line a success. His current leadership capacity with Tasty Products for the last 3 years has proven his commitment to overseeing production in a product he believes in.  His ability to communicate, “What makes Tasty Products naturally flavored protein bars special,” will support Tasty Products’ key to success with new and existing clients

(Groups/Teams/Human Resource Management, 2021).

Rejected Candidates Explanation

WIZ Consultants’ second choice was T.J. Max. She was not chosen based on her leadership style. Although she is a strong leader within her current company, she was not the leader Tasty Products would benefit from. Even though T.J. Max is an advocate for all-natural products she gives her employees too much power in the decision-making process. The development of Tasty Products’ new product line will require a more hands-on approach with manufacturing and advertising. Unfortunately, at this time T.J. Max’s unique managerial and leadership skills will not be a good fit for the direction of Tasty Products’ new line.

Second Rejected Candidate

J.C. Penney’s lack of marketing and sales experience is the main reason WIZ consultants did not recommend him as the new Vice President. The launch of a new product line requires a great deal of advertising and marketing that a more experienced applicant with enhanced communication skills would be better suited for. J.C. Penney does possess other leadership skills that fit in with the role of VP however getting involved in other production needs does not. A Vice President needs to stay focused on the goal of the division to ensure the product remains a competitor in the market. His engineering and educational background may make J.C. Penney

a good candidate for managing and quality control of the business.


A review was conducted by WIZ Consultants, of the three candidates selected by Tasty Products’ Human Resources Director. It was recommended that L.L. Bean was the best choice for the new Executive Vice President role to oversee the production of a new product line.

L.L. Bean possesses the leadership style, managing abilities, and leadership skills that Tasty Products is looking for that will support its vision, mission, and core values. WIZ Consultants believes he will blend well with the work culture the company has established with its employees. WIZ Consultants is very confident that L.L. Bean will transition well into the VP role since he has previous experience as an executive. Thank you, Tasty Products, for allowing WIZ Consultants to assist with this tough decision in selecting the best candidate for the new Executive Vice President.


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