Is conceptual and contemporary art is all about the money, or is an inherent value to the idea of art for art’s sake?

Do you think conceptual and contemporary art is all about the money, or do you think there is an inherent value to the idea of art for art\’s sake? What do you think of Dada? Do you consider Duchamp\’s \”readymades\” valuable to our understanding of how the art world changed so drastically at this time? How did they change the face of the art world? What do you think of the timing of these great changes? Are there any contemporary artists that you particularly find worthy of your attention? How are icons and symbols used differently now than they were before WWI? Do you think the artists discussed would approve of how the art world has evolved, particularly because of the work and ideals they upheld?

Expert Answer

It is almost impossible to accurately determine how a community interprets art due to its personalized nature and interpretation. However, it should be noted that art represents an ideology that a community has and seeks to reinforce this ideology. “Art for art’s sake” is one of the many concepts has not yet had a definitive meaning over the years mainly because the beauty of art lies in the eyes of the beholder, and the opinion of one individual cannot be successfully be imposed on numerous individuals because they too are rationalizing beings. I believe that there is an inherent value to the idea of “art for art’s sake.” However, it is a common assumption that the collective value of art is based on the human stipulation and collective intentionality to sustain and create more value for the specific piece of art (Winner, Goldstein & Vincent-Lancrin, 2013).

Marcel Duchamp is considered a revolutionary in the art world because he single-handedly changed the viewpoint that people had towards art and artists altogether. He did this by incorporating the “readymades,” as he called them, into the world of art and changed how people viewed art. I believe that Duchamp’s “readymades” played a valuable part in our understanding of how much occurred in the art world at this time (Harrison, 2013). Before WW1, the poppy was just a plant that was known to thrive in the face of adversity. During the war, soldiers fought in fields that had numerous poppies, and this resulted in the poppy being transformed into a symbol for hope and a peaceful future. I believe that contemporary art has played a huge role in shaping society into what it is today.

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