Importance data that is collected by nurses


The data that is collected by nurses is important in the health care industry in that it allows for the provision of holistic treatments, which in turn enhances the potential outcomes for the patient. It is only through data collection by registered nurses that effective communication between the physician and the patient can be fostered. In the nursing profession, the nurse is required to interview the patient and gather information on the types of allergies that the patient may have, either to particular foods or medications, so that such particulars can be avoided at all costs (Morehead, 2020). The nurse also asks whether the patient is taking any other medications so that the doctor can avoid prescribing medications that react with the one already prescribed. The nurse should also ask for any history of illicit drug and substance abuse as well as the entire medical history of the patient. Such information is useful in guiding the decisions that will be made by the physician.

Health care organizational risk assessment is important because it helps in reducing health risks to both the patient and medical staff as well as reducing the legal and financial liability that falls on the health care organization. A health care organizational risk assessment should include all the identified hazards that are present in the workplace environment. The next piece of information is who might be harmed by identified hazards, as well as evaluate how much harm will occur in the event that the identified hazard is not prevented from occurring (World Health Organization, 2020). The group should also focus on evaluating mitigation strategies that can be implemented to ensure that the identified hazard does not occur or to mitigate the effects of the hazards. After everything has been done, the final piece of information is a detailed record of the findings of the health care organizational risk assessment.

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