Implementing Health System Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal: A New EHR System:Implementing Health System
The RFP Elements
You want to channelize a letter of invitation for Proposal (RFP), which could be a vendor
who will compete for the EHR contract, to ensure you decide on the correct EHR system to
match the organization’s or company’s demands. you will need to settle on a vendor who can
deliver what you need from an EHR system once you’ve determined what you wish. you want to
also confirm that the service can provide you with what you desire at an inexpensive cost. An
RFP (Request for Proposal) document is a vital part of your EHR selection arsenal. A good
Request for Proposal (RFP) directs the choice process, and we can’t guarantee a successful
adoption of a brand new EHR system without it.

The following items should be included within the Request for Proposal:
 A brief overview of the EHR system and its capabilities: Notify the seller what the
corporate wants their EHR to incorporate, what they need it to try to do, and what the
seller offers.
 Legal compliance features, like HIPAA and required functional coding abilities: The
client want their EHR to befits HIPPA rule and regulations and features to incorporate
coding capabilities.
 Technical network requirements: The client wants the EHR system to incorporate
information about IT issues as a way to report and fix the EHR drawbacks.

 Implementation costs and monthly/yearly dues: The client expects the seller to supply
account information also as other financial information relevant to the services to be
 Implementation timetable: This can provide the vendors a sign of after we anticipate
implementing the EHR system in our practice and after we will submit proposals.
Contract Requirements for EHR Vendors:
There are recommendations in situ to assist you to comprehend health information
technology and guarantee that the new EHR system is implemented by the right vendor. These
guides assist us in deciphering the little print of those agreements and determining whether the
vendor’s technology can satisfy our facility’s needs and capacities. We’d like to be ready to
consider our expectations and propose organized, fair contract conditions that demonstrate our
organization’s best practices.
Items that have to be included in an EHR vendor contract:
 EHR Safety and Security: Both the provider and therefore the vendor should have proper
duties and responsibilities in an EHR contract, and providers should not be restricted
from reporting and addressing patient safety, security, and other issues.
 System Performance: The contract should reflect the commitments that the seller makes,
including during negotiations, by explicitly stating the essential service and performance
requirements, like post-implementation support, for the EHR system to satisfy our

 Data Rights: To manage and secure health data obtained from EHRs, the contract must
state that we, because the providers are the exclusive owners of the health data which
require the capacity to access the information at any time in a timely way.
 Fostering Interoperability and Integration: An EHR contract should not limit a provider’s
ability to incorporate third-party technologies and services that are critical to the
provider’s capacity to use data to provide better and more efficient care or to take
advantage of emerging technology.
 Managing Risks and Liability: Risk and liability should be apportioned evenly between a
provider and a vendor in an EHR contract so risks are born by whichever party has the
foremost control over and therefore the ability to scale back the chance.
EHR Contract Negotiation
Leadership abilities are required when it involces selecting and negotiating with the best
vendor. These abilities include, but don’t seem to be limited to, in-depth technical and
technological understanding, coordination with legal counsel, communication expertise, and
therefore the capacity to steer a team. Some extent of contact is chosen and leadership or chain of
command is established by developing a report with the seller that extends beyond the contract.
This contact aids with the start-up of activities like system management, updates, and upgrades.
We risk a successful transition to the new EHR, a positive relationship with the seller, and an
overall increase in patient outcomes if we do not take careful consideration.

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