Impacts of online technology

The advent of online technology impacts us daily. Please answer the following questions based on your opinion and any research you may need to conduct.

1) What is your all-time favourite website or app and why?

2) What website or app do you dislike and why?

3) Show us your favourite emoji. Do you ascribe to it the same meaning that the developers originally had in mind for it? (Do some research if necessary.) Are there people in your sphere of texting that may not understand the meaning this emoji has for you?

4) Are there certain emojis that you use only for certain people? Why? Explain your answer.

Expert Answer
We are surrounded by online technology wherever we are on a daily basis. This online technology has the power to strongly influence our lives. My best website so far is YouTube because it has an interface that is very friendly to its users which makes using the website very enjoyable. There are millions of entertainment videos that one can access within seconds just by typing the keywords of the video and searching for them on the internet. The website has a comment section which allows users to read other comments about the video as well as offering the user an opportunity to add their own comment. There are thumbs up and thumbs down icons that allow users to react to the videos that have watched. On the other hand, my worst website has to be Tumblr because of its lack of sensitivity and lack of age limit for use. The website can easily be accessed by anyone with a smartphone or any other digital device, which means that even innocent children can easily be exposed to violent or inappropriate content.
My favourite emoji is the tongue emoji (figure 1)because I think it looks funny and very relatable. I ascribe to the same meaning that the developers of the emoji had in mind, which is that the emoji shows childish defiance (Novak, Smailović, Sluban & Mozetič, 2015). However, there are now many people who share this poi not view and believe that the emoji ha some sort of sexual meaning or attribution attached to it. There are certain emojis that I only use for certain people (figure 2) because of their special meanings and my relationship with such people. I feel that the emoji should only be reserved for special people.

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