I am a resilient person and always focused on achieving my goals


I am a resilient person and always focused on achieving my goals. My plans in the future it to become a successful leader of a bigger enterprise. To achieve that has always worked hard in school while following what awaits me in the future. I realized I must be resilient in times or restrains because that what pertains to my future career.

I, therefore, chose this symbol due to the significance it has held in my life for the past few months. It is a representation of resilience and the ability to overcome adversities in life. Different parts of my environment have always reminded me of this symbol including my fingers which have a spiral pattern that has some resemblance to this symbol. I also choose it because it represents strength and stability which happens to be my character for a long time.

I chose this symbol because I think that it represents me as a person. Moreover, I always thought that the symbol was a representation of a person who conforms easily to their surrounding which also happens to be my character.

Since the pandemic started I thought that my academic life would receive a huge blow due to the period we lost as a result of the same. However, I wanted to be at per with my studies. I, therefore, chose helix as my symbol to always remind me of resilience, determination, and the power of working hard without giving up. I can attest that it has paid off and the results are visible. I have had the chance to regain the momentum I had lost as a result of the pandemic due to my resilience amidst the adversities that presented themselves.

The sign I have chosen is symbolic. It symbolizes resilience amidst adversities in life. I think it is symbolic since anything that takes a spiral or circular form can equate to this a helix since there is no specific thing that can stand for a helix. Other signs including icons and indexes have a specific thing to represent them and can easily be identified with that thing.

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