How is Written information is critical in the process of communicating to the patient about particular health issues.

  1. What factors should Helen consider regarding the written information she provides her client?
  2. How can Helen best prepare her client to use the Internet as a reliable source of health-related information?
  3. What information concerning online support groups should Helen discuss with her client?

Expert Answer

Written information is critical in the process of communicating to the patient about particular health issues. Helen should make various considerations when offering written information to the patient. The first is to understand her patient as her audience as it influences the type of message and how the message is written. The patient is less likely to be proficient in medical terminologies and Helen should consider writing in lame man’s language (Curtis et al., 2016). The writing must also be in a language that the patient understands and should be clear. Helen should use an organization or writing structure that the patient can easily connect to. The information should be supported by facts and evidence. The medium used in the writing process also influences the access the patient has to the information. Helen should use the most common fonts and document types.

Patients are using the internet as a source of medical information. Helen should prepare the client to use the internet as a source of information. The first way is through knowing the computer competencies of the client. If the client requires additional training on using computers of mobile devices, Helen should help find a way to help (Dekkers et al., 2018). Helen should also inform the client about the best sites and internet search engines to use when looking for medical information. She should also teach them the best way to search for necessary information using the search boxes and how to understand and interpret the data. She should teach the client on the sources of credible sources of information.

Helen should explain to the client that online support groups are a safe space where individuals can discuss issues on illness they experienced with other members experiencing the same.  She should inform the client that online support groups should help encourage a patient through the treatment process. Online groups support a better exchange of information. Helen should teach the clients how she could join online support groups and how they can share digital information with other members of the online groups. Helen should communicate on the type of support groups

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