How is Workplace violence is a rising concern in the field of nursing?

Workplace violence is a rising concern in the field of nursing.  It can be defined as any physical or psychological harm caused by damaging actions towards healthcare providers. Workplace violence issues should be dealt with, as they affect many stakeholders in the healthcare sector. Nurses are prone to workplace violence as they interact with patients, bosses, or colleagues. The issue leads to work stress and often decreases the safety and quality of care that a patient receives.  The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) explains such violence can be through physical and verbal harassment, verbal threats, or indirect assault directed towards a healthcare provider.

NIOSH classifies workplace violence into four different categories. The field of nursing is affected by type II and type III. Type II violence involves a customer or client/ patient. The individual has a working relationship with the healthcare provider, such as a nurse, and becomes violent while receiving healthcare services. Type III violence involves worker-on-worker relationships and could be an employee who threatens or attacks another employee or a boss that threatens a subordinate.

Importance of Topic in Nursing

The topic is important in nursing g as nurses go through such physical and emotional abuse at some point in their careers. Workplace violence affects the nurses’ productivity as they are not able to be in the right mental and physical condition to perform their tasks effectively. Nurses often deal with violent or colleagues who harass them, which leads to increased levels of absenteeism and workplace related stress. Such stress eventually leads to burnout, where nurses get physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted due to the working conditions they are exposed to. Understanding the issue through the topic is how the nursing field could get possible solutions that will eliminate or mitigate the impacts of workplace violence.

Solution (Article)

The article in the Colorado Nurse (2019) discusses workplace violence as a major public health concern. The American Nurse Association (ANA) has identified workplace incivility, bullying, and violence as serious nursing matters. The article suggests s that bullying and violence within the workplace should be every person’s issue. It goes further to suggest ways through which such workplace violence could be prevented. The article gives several steps that would help create a healthy and safe workplace. It suggests that modeling empathy and compassion, fostering healthy and positive relationships, providing a safe reporting environment, and offering support such as education and counseling on emotional distress could help reduce workplace violence. The Colorado Nurse Practice Act has a provision that provides Nursing Peer Health Assistance Programs that offer support and assistance on physical, emotional, and psychological matters that affect nurses’ health in the state. The program is no cost programs that support nursing organizations dealing with workplace violence.


The best solution to address the issue would be setting up a legislature that makes workplace violence a criminal act. Doing so will mean that all proprietors of violent acts against healthcare providers will be legally liable for their actions. The rationale behind the solution is that colleagues are not the only ones that cause workplace violence in nursing. Patients are also great causes of such violence. Client caused violence often goes unnoticed or unmentioned as healthcare facilities do not have safe reporting environments for their healthcare workers. The organizations are also customer-centric and do not find it necessary to confront customers about their nurses’ actions. Setting a regulation supported by the law would therefore act as a way of communicating to proprietors that they will always be held accountable for their violent or abusive actions towards healthcare providers such as nurses.

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