How is UNICEF engaging to help international audience.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is an organization affiliated with the United Nations and deals with providing aid and humanitarian development to children in the world.  UNICEF has locations in over 190 territories. Its objective is to reach the most vulnerable and disadvantaged adolescents and children, protecting their rights and ensuring that they have a brighter future.  The organization is the driving force that advocates for every child (United Nations Children’s Fund, 2012). Through global authority, the organization can influence decision-makers and other partners to ensure that most innovative ideas are turned into reality.  The organization is built on the philosophy of caring and nurturing every child and basing, such as the cornerstone to the progress of the human race.

I am particularly interested in this organization as it creates chances for children to become future leaders of nations. Without the organization, many vulnerable children would still face human rights violations and may never add anything in the near future. The organization can engage international audiences through various programs such as the girl child educational programs. The organization believes that a girl who gets an education can become a better thinker and better parent to their children. The girl child and their rights are mostly overlooked in most vulnerable communities. Through education and awareness campaigns, the organization can promote activities that benefit the gender (United Nations Children’s Fund, 2012).  The organization also promotes the immunization of children from diseases that are otherwise fatal to young people. The organization participates in Global Movement for Children who are dedicated to empowering children and making sure their lives are better. It also has National Committees and programs in member countries that ensure the needs of children are met.


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